Stepping away: Councilmember Rob Johnson has chosen not to seek reelection in 2019 ($).

Blueburbs: The suburbs helped deliver a progressive victory for the United States House of Representatives to Democrats.

New fast ferry: Kitsap Transit will launch a new passenger-only fast ferry from Kingston to Seattle ($) after Thanksgiving.

Safer streets: More pedestrian safety improvements are on the way for Capitol Hill.

More Thurston transit: Thurston County voters have chosen to pass a tax increase to expand Intercity Transit service.

Missing Middle Commercial: Strong Towns says that there is a missing middle for commercial spaces, too.

Rejecting safe streets: Bainbridge Island voters rejected a safe streets tax package.

Redlining Cleveland: Brazen redlining is underway in Cleveland.

Poaching riders: Uber and Lyft are carrying more riders in Seattle than light rail.

MAX extension approved: Portland has approved a new light rail extension project.

Now cars, too: Lime will bring mini-electric cars to Seattle but not e-scooters.

An inconvenient problem: The carbon fee initiative fell short of the votes necessary to be enacted.

The ed levy: Seattle voters passed a sweeping education levy tax package to be administered by the city.

Parking e-scooters: Santa Monica is trialing e-scooter parking corrals.

Winning transportation: Transportation measures faired pretty well across America on election night.

Solidly blue governance: Democrats in Washington state will expand their majorities greatly in the state legislature.

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