Barcelona’s superblocks: Vox ran a five-part series this week on Barcelona’s superblocks plan.

Guilty as charged: The shooter and carjacker who killed two and targeted a King County Metro bus in North Seattle has plead not guilty.

No brainer infrastructure: According to a new study, if Kansas City actually implemented its bike plan, it would provide $500 million in benefits and save 700 lives over 20 years.

Pierce Transit BRT plan: The Pierce Transit board of directors has chosen a hybrid option for transit priority of a planned bus rapid transit line between Tacoma and Spanaway.

Uber bad investment: Uber is planning to issue stock even though the company is losing $1.8 billion per year.

Clouding climate change: Floating cities are not the solution to climate change.

Rental tax credits: California Senator Kalama Harris has revived her bill to provide tax credits to families paying more than 30% of their income for rent and utilities.

Greener living: When people adopt the tiny house lifestyle, their habits become much greener.

Catastrophic costs by inaction: Scientists at the United States Environmental Protection Agency warn that climate change will cost hundreds of billion of dollars per year.

Disappearing lanes: Eleven planned bike projects vanished from Seattle’s draft Bicycle Master Plan Implementation Plan.

Terrifying policing: A police tower has popped up at a South Seattle Safeway without prior engagement of the community.

20 is plenty: Portland has rolled out 20mph speed limits across the city, but could other cities in Oregon follow?

Heartland visas: CityLab explains how “heartland visas” for immigrants could reduce geographic inequality.

A model for Seattle: Cambridge, Massachusetts has become the first city in the country to require protected bike lanes to be installed whenever a street is upgraded.

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