PDX expanding LRT: The plan for Portland’s expanded southwest light rail line takes shape.

The suburbs: It’s the age old question of “how do we define the suburbs?”

Ambitious on tenants: New York could be on the cusp of major updates and extension to tenant protections ($).

Very cold leadership: Everett’s city council has chosen to temporarily block permanent housing for students and their families ($) experiencing homelessness.

Permitted for construction: After 137 years of construction, Barcelona’s grand church Sagrada Familia has been issued a building permit.

After dusk: Why are American parks closed at night?

Big plans to house: Plymouth Housing is planning to build 800 units for people experiencing homeless in Seattle.

Cleanup melting down: Nuclear waste cleanup is stalling out at Hanford.

The supertall game: How developers in New York City game the zoning code to build supertall towers.

Cleared for reopening: San Francisco’s Transbay Transit Center is nearly ready to reopen after discovery of shoddy workmanship.

Building midblock crossings: Angie Schmitt at Streetsblog USA looks at how to build safer midblock crossings for pedestrians.

Auto Row-inspired: On 15th Ave E in Capitol Hill, plans for a new development to replace a service station show an Auto Row-inspired design.

Undermining workers: Uber and Lyft are trying to get legislators in California to block a worker rights bill.

Shrinking but prosperous: Richard Florida at CityLab looks at how some shrinking cities are still prospering.

Connecting provinces: Québec wants to get in on the light rail expansion in Ottawa to bring it to Gatineau.

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