Bleak coastal future: A new sea level rise study indicates even more cities and areas across the globe will be under water by 2050 ($) than previously thought.

SF linkage fee: San Francisco is implementing an impact fee for affordable housing as part of office development.

Renovation or demolition: What if the greenest building isn’t the one already standing?

Charlotte LRT: Charlotte is looking at another light rail expansion, this time 26 miles worth.

Data dispute: Uber is suing Los Angeles over data collection of real-time trips of its bikes and scooters operating in the city.

The pumpkin test: In Durham, bike advocates put out pumpkins to highlight the need for physical protection.

Less airport congestion: LAX has banned ridehailing pickups at the curbs, instead forcing those to occur at a different location. Is it working to reduce congestion?

IndyGo’s success: Indianapolis’ new bus rapid transit line, IndyGo, is a game-changer for system ridership.

Casino express: Virgin Trains USA has been given approval for $3.25 billion in bonds for a high-speed rail project between Las Vegas and the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Mixed-use depot: San Francisco’s Muni plans to build over 500 housing units with half for low-income households over a bus base operated by the transit agency.

Lessons from Europe: Europe has lessons for American cities looking to implement decongestion pricing.

Not that different: Urban and suburban lifestyles aren’t all that different with how people spend their time.

Artistic streets: To make streets better, just add colorful paint to them.

Rethinking the interface: Californians appear to support limits on homebuilding in wildfire hazard areas.

Sopping up rights: Financial institutions are buying up water rights across Washington ($).

Olive’s extension: How did Olive Way come to be?

Newsom’s bad play: Los Angeles’ commuter rail operator, Metrolink, wants high-speed rail funding to be diverted to local improvements for service from Burbank to Anaheim.

Environmental degradation: The Environmental Protection Agency continues to rollback protections, particularly around coal in latest rule change ($).

Hollowing out: The pace of demolitions in Baltimore can’t keep up with the pace of new vacancies ($).

New York streets: A major streets master plan to break car culture appears headed for approval in New York City. But will the city end free street parking?

Leadership matters: After long-term neglect by New Jersey’s previous governor, New Jersey Transit is on the path of recovery and improvement.

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