Merging Everett Transit: Community Transit and the City of Everett had a serious conversation about merging Everett Transit with Community Transit ($) with a public vote as early as 2021.

Suburban shifts: How are America’s suburban demographics shifting?

Environmental terrorism: The Trump administration continues its environmental terrorism in California, leaving salmon to die.

Cities can lead: Local elections matter, but what can cities do to facilitate participation?

First Nation plans: The Squamish Nation in Vancouver are planning a development double the size originally planned on their urban reservation land.

Pedestrian plan: Portland’s transit agency has kicked off a planning effort for safe pedestrian access.

SUV carnage: New York City will track the harm that SUVs have on city streets.

Chicago manufacturing decline: The success of Chicago’s manufacturing zoning has been mixed at keeping industry.

Vienna: What are the secrets to the world’s most livable city?

Coastal growth: In Southern California, coastal cities will need to plan for more housing and jobs as the Inland Empire takes far less.

Electorate geography: Density increasingly is a big factor in deciding statewide elections.

Amtrak boom: Amtrak is poised to break even next year as ridership grows on its urban routes, which could justify more service.

Walking in Memphis: Memphis is the most dangerous place to walk in America.

Don’t buy cars: General Motors stands alone in its support of the Trump administration’s fight to emit.

Banking on downtown: Los Angeles’ draft plans would allow up to 125,000 new residents and 55,000 new jobs locate in Downtown Los Angeles through 2040.

Big and small: A Strong Towns author argues that when communities make it harder to build, developers are actually given more power.

Less natural gas: Simple pen strokes by the governor could wean Washington off of natural gas.

Port decarbonization: Oslo wants to decarbonize their port.

Affirmative action Washington: If the affirmative action initiative fails in Washington, what happens next?

Waste collection zones: New York City has adopted new waste collection zones across the city to reduce operational impacts and carbon emissions.

Urban canopy: What role do urban trees play around the globe?

Broken system: According to a new report, Uber’s software is responsible for not recognizing that a pedestrian was crossing the street when its autonomous vehicle hit and killed the person.

Ballard blocks: Everything you wanted to know about Ballard street names.

The great debate: Brookings evaluates whether zoning is a useful tool or regulatory barrier.

Psychological resiliency: How can communities build up psychological resiliency to future disasters?

Transit wins: Despite Washington’s statewide vote, transit mostly won on election night in America.

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