Shaun Scott at Gas Works Park. (Photo credit: Alex Garland)
Shaun Scott at Gas Works Park. (Photo credit: Alex Garland)

Our monthly meetup guest this month was former Seattle City Council candidate Shaun Scott. On Tuesday, he touched on a wide range of topics from what he learned on his campaign (running on systemic progressive change including police accountability and abolition) and what the protests of the past two weeks have meant for him and the Black Lives Matter movement.

What does “Defund The Police” mean and what do we want to invest in instead? What is going to happen to the East Precinct police station that has launched so many brutal attacks on nonviolent protesters and which is now in protester hands? What is Mayor Jenny Durkan’s role in this? What is the Seattle Police Officers Guild’s role? Do we need to rid ourselves of both? Shaun addresses all these questions and more.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the stream, but don’t worry if you missed it. The video is here for you can enjoy at your leisure. Also a heartfelt thanks to Shaun for his time and his leadership on these issues. We’re lucky to have him. I look forward to the city we will build together.

Featured photo credit: Alex Garland, courtesy of Scott campaign.

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