Downtown Sonoma.
Downtown Sonoma.

HSR growth: China charts a course to double the length of the nation’s high-speed rail network by 2035.

Change car culture: How investment in transit could reduce the need for traffic enforcement policing.

Mail tampering: The federal administration is trying to removed hundreds of mail sorting machines and tons of collection boxes ahead of the election. And the president explains that he is trying to interfere with elections by blocking mail voting.

Double-decker: Spokane Transit Authority looks ahead to double-decker buses for a planned high capacity transit corridor.

Veep’s transpo record: Streetsblog USA highlights four key facts on the transportation record of Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris.

Bike Bogotá: Colombia’s capital city is going all in on bicycles as part of its pandemic recovery.

IZ in LA: Los Angeles County has approved an inclusionary zoning program for some development.

Pandemic-fighting machines: Bloomberg CityLab explains how radiators are pandemic-fighting machines and the history that surrounds them.

Lifting a moratorium: A new policy for Montgomery County, Maryland–on the edge of Washington, D.C.–could lift a housing moratorium in place.

Parkless: According to a study, parks in non-White neighborhoods, on average, are five times as crowded and half as large as parks in White neighborhoods.

Car not king?: After the pandemic, will cars continue to rule the streets of New York City ($)?

Crisis hailing: Ridehailing companies have seen ridership decline massively during the pandemic with no recovery in sight ($). Meanwhile, a California judge rules that these companies must classify drivers as employees immediately, but the companies continue to appeal.

Subway ventilation: The New York Times explains what happens to viral particulars onboard a subway car ($).

Madrid Model: What is the “Madrid Model” of cycling and should cities use it?

Busy streets: In response to the pandemic, Portland continues to roll out improvements, this time with more space for people on busy streets.

Mixed policy: In Minneapolis, developers are trying to skip out on ground floor retail requirements.

Blocked: A substantial rezone of largely vacant land in New York City has effectively been blocked by a local councilmember veto.

Corporate real estate: REI is giving up its new corporate digs in Bellevue’s Spring District with a sale ($). Meanwhile, Amazon flirts with the notion of new Seattle-area offices ($).

Housing delayers: A 500-unit apartment project in Arlington is in the crosshairs of Marysville ($).

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