A large pedestrianized plaza in central Dresden. (Credit: Photo by the author)

Grounded rail: In Washington, D.C., an entire category of subway cars have been grounded over derailment concerns.

Complex Empire: What will New York’s Governor Kathy Hochul do about the Penn Station complex now that her predecessor is gone?

Pricing choices: Switzerland conducted an interesting study on travel habits and road pricing.

Designing the hill: Some Capitol Hill projects went to design review last week.

Mixed bag: California’s giveth and taketh on transportation policy progress.

Miami to Tampa: What are the latest details of Brightline passenger rail between Miami and Tampa?

Duh: A report finds that Houston needs much more transit and more funding.

15-minute food deliveries: What’s so good about 15-minute grocery delivery?

Electrify transit: How are cities across the globe working to electrify transit ($)?

Okayed: Washington’s transportation department has okayed a pedestrian and bike project on Pike Street.

New work policies: Amazon has revised its remote work policies yet again.

New digs: Facebook is picking up office space in Capitol Hill.

Bike Portland: Our transportation report Ryan Packer appeared on Bike Portland’s podcast.

Dissuading driving: What’s Portland’s plan to dissuade people from driving so much?

Hard target: Increasing police numbers in Seattle’s police department to proposed targets is a big task.

RAD: Has HUD found a way around the draconian Faircloth Amendment?

Bridging wildlife: A rare good thing from a California highway project is a new wildlife bridge coming to the 101.

TOD planning: Vancouver’s metropolitan region charts a long-range plan for growth around transit and expansion of transit.

Small developers: Strong Towns is doing a series on small-scale, incremental development with the first piece looking at where all the small developers went.

Vaxxing up again: Seattle is ramping back up vaccination efforts.

Parking limits: Boston imposes new parking limitations for new developments.

Reforming parking: What’s the Parking Reform Network and what does it have to do with Portland?

Housing choice vouchers: What is the problem with expanding housing choice vouchers?

Free buses: Greater Greater Washington highlights arguments for the bus being free.

72-hour rule returns: Seattle has brought back the 72-hour street parking rule.

Arrogance of business owners: Tulsa is removing miles of bike lanes over business opposition.

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