A Berlin S-Bahn train serves Berlin Hauptbahnhof. (Credit: Photo by the author)

Parking craters: America just celebrated Black Friday, so how well were the seas of parking used?

Atlanta’s segregationist enclave: A white enclave in Atlanta has urges to secede over zoning laws that could allow more families to live in their community.

Vancouver TOD: Vancouver is going through public engagement on a major infill development next to the Broadway-Commercial SkyTrain station.

Women in the trades: Crosscut highlights how infrastructure legislation could increase participation of women in the construction trades.

Snohomish funding services: Snohomish has adopted a sales tax increase to fund affordable housing and mental health services ($).

The Republican Line: What’s the Republican Line in Capitol Hill?

RAISE: So far, federal RAISE grants for transportation projects have been supporting greener and more equitable investments; advocates hope more is to come.

Water policy: Some interests in California want to streamline the process for constructing dams, desalination plants, and water storage projects.

Conversion penalties: St. Louis could pass legislation that would charge a fee for the privilege of converting multi-unit buildings to single-family buildings.

Car violence: Last week, a small city in Wisconsin — Waukesha — was hit with a car attack, killing and injuring many. Streetsblog says this is yet another example of how America fails to prevent cars from being used as weapons.

Go by train: Germany’s new government will focus on rail investments over roads.

Abolish partisan commission: State legislators are considering meaningless changes to the state’s dysfunctional and partisan state redistricting commission.

No loos for you: Why is it so hard to find public restrooms in America?

No 2022 count: King County won’t do a physical homelessness count in 2022.

747 in design: A Boeing 747 fuselage will form a central part of a new highrise project in the Denny Triangle ($).

Societal inaction kills: St. James Cathedral in Seattle remembered the 221 people experiencing homelessness that died in the past year ($), a sad new record for the city and county that have failed to house people.

Approval voting: What are the merits of approval voting over other preferential voting methods?

ST must fund streetcars: Without Sound Transit’s assistance, Seattle’s streetcar lines are poised to be pushed over a fiscal cliff.

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