Strip malls: Sightline dives into how strip malls could house a lot of people.

Revised estimates: The California high-speed rail got a little more pricey.

House New York: New York’s state legislature is debating zoning changes for housing.

RapidRide J: Ryan Packer reports on the latest RapidRide J Line plans for bikes.

Mixed reviews: Transportation advocates and Sound Transit have different positions on the proposed Washington transportation package.

Bike USA: Why are American cities investing in safer, more connected bike infrastructure? Axios also highlights America’s bike boom and risks to it.

Safeway: The Capitol Hill Safeway redevelopment project has gotten an effective design review approval for early design guidance.

Ohio transit: Ohio officials have plans for $1.3 billion in federal transit investments.

It’s time: Patience Malaba makes the case for reforming state zoning laws for affordable missing middle housing.

AVs: Streetsblog talks about how autonomous vehicles could reshape our cities and not for the better.

Lion and tigers, oh my!: A Silicon Valley city that tried to evade California zoning laws over a bogus reason has backed down.

Sustaining Honolulu: A Honolulu density bill could have a big impact on housing production and options.

Gowanus bearing fruit: In Brooklyn, the recent Gowanus rezone is already spurring on development.

24: Another 24 homes could come to Capitol Hill in a modest apartment building.

Resting place: In New Westminster (metro Vancouver), a cemetery is proposing a 30-story residential tower near the SkyTrain.

Housing options: An Ontario provincial report recommends that zoning restricting housing to only single-family homes be changed.

Secured bike parking: A Portland bike program has added secured bike parking for an affordable housing community.

Housing is popular: Sightline documents how housing is actually politically popular.

Fire DeJoy: The USPS is getting very fuel-inefficient vans, but if they weighed just one pound less they might be illegal.

Density bonus stays: A California appeals court upheld a state density bonus law.

Building car dependency: In England, recent greenfield developments are locking in car dependency.

Paris by gondola: An aerial gondola, the first of its kind in Paris, just got approval.

EVs: Streetsblog also talks about how the Biden administration is all in on electric vehicles.

Demanding better: In Portland, advocates rallied at transit provider TriMet’s offices the other week for better and cheaper transit.

Traffic safety: New traffic safety enforcement cameras have gone in near Garfield High School in Seattle.

Fighting fires: Hannnah Weinberger highlights how billions in federal funding is headed to Western states to manage forest fires.

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