A person fills ovals on a ballot. (King County Elections via Flickr)

Counting of ballots continues after Tuesday’s general election as more races are being called. With the predicted Red Tide fizzling, it appears that Patty Murray will retain Washington’s US Senate seat and competitor Tiffany Smiley will need to find a non-DC location to fulfill her coffee needs. Many of the expected flips from blue to red are not manifesting either.

In the races for the Washington Legislature, candidates endorsed by The Urbanist are winning almost all of their races with the exception of Matt Macklin in LD26. Macklin is running 10% behind incumbent Michelle Caldier, a number unchanged since yesterday. Indeed, all of the races for legislature have changed by less than a percentage point, so we won’t bore you with all those numbers. So far, no Sawant-style gap closing here.

In the local initiatives, all of The Urbanist-endorsed ballot measures are ahead and keeping their leads except the City of Seattle Propositions 1A and 1B. While the preferable Ranked Choice Voting does lead, the overall question of whether to implement a new voting mechanism does not. The “no’s” lead by 2,500 votes, but have lost some ground since Tuesday

Local Initiatives

Even Year Elections
VotesPercentChange Since
Yes * 309,94069.18%+0.02%
No 138,06830.81%
Conservation Futures Program
Approved * 322,48367.82%+0.13%
Rejected 153,01532.17%
King Prosecuting Attorney
Jim Ferrell193,14144.06%-0.12%
Leesa Manion *243,02355.43%
WRITE-IN 2,1940.50%
City of Bellevue Proposition No. 1
Parks and Open Space
Yes * 15,00054.90%+0.13%
No 12,32045.09%
City of Seattle Municipal Court Judge Position No. 3
Adam Eisenberg61,63642.68%+0.41%
Pooja Vaddadi82,09356.85%
WRITE-IN 6700.46%
City of Seattle Municipal Court Judge Position No. 7
Damon Shadid100,38069.23%+0.07%
Nyjat Rose-Akins43,93230.30%
WRITE-IN 6650.45%
City of Seattle Proposition Nos. 1A and 1B
Yes * 79,57049.19%+0.14%
No 82,16050.80%
Proposition 1A 37,15525.68%
Proposition 1B * 107,51874.31%
City of Tukwila Initiative Measure No. 1
Raise the Minimum Wage
Yes * 2,27382.44%-0.04%
No 48417.55%
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