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Staff Biography

Ray Dubicki


Ray Dubicki is a stay-at-home dad and parent-on-call for taking care of general school and neighborhood tasks around Ballard. This lets him see how urbanism works (or doesn’t) during the hours most people are locked in their office. He is an attorney and urbanist by training, with soup-to-nuts planning experience from code enforcement to university development to writing zoning ordinances. He enjoys using PowerPoint, but only because it’s no longer a weekly obligation.

Recent Articles

Planes, Trains, and the Only True Thanksgiving Movie

The holiday is a Chicago kind of event It is Black Friday in America. For those of us avoiding the mall like it’s our racist uncle, there’s one true salve: Christmas movies. Christmas gets DEDICATED CHANNELS...

The Urbanist’s Thanksgiving Meatballs 2022

Just like in every household during the holidays, there are many Big Media indulgences as we trash one calendar and hang a new one. The Urbanist is no different, and we will be hosting...
The Urbanist Events

The Urbanist Book Club: Meet Me by the Fountain with Alexandra Lange

American malls are so ubiquitous that it is difficult to consider they were purposefully conceived, actively designed, and meticulously managed. Every facet of an atrium ceiling or food court placement was decided based on...

The Urbanist Podcast: Talking with Alexandra Lange about Her Book “Meet Me by the Fountain”

Given this podcast is dropping on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, there is a solid chance that you or a loved one will spend some time at a mall in the next week. Shopping at...

Transit Trouble is Brewing in Tacoma

Planned transit bypasses downtown and threatens investments across the city. It is not too late for a reset. By virtually all metrics, a 15-minute stroll from 11th and Pacific in central Tacoma accesses the...