About Us

The Urbanist was founded in early 2014 in order to examine and influence urban policies. We believe that cities provide unique opportunities for addressing many of the most difficult problems we face. Our website serves as a resource for promoting and disseminating ideas, creating community, and improving the places we live.

What We Do

One way in which we strive to achieve our mission is by engaging with people. We do this in a number of ways. Some efforts include monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of the month, collaborating with other organizations, and online conversations through social media.

Our monthly meetings are partially agenda-based, partially-freeform. We sometimes invite an expert guest to talk about a subject with us. After that we like to let our supporters and guests dictate how the meetings go. Think of it as a roundtable where everyone gets to share their thoughts and ideas. Many supporters and volunteers have their own projects that they’re working on like Housing Now Seattle, an article for next week on the blog, or ways to get their own organization to help advance common goals. From time to time, we have special meetings for presentations, city forums, happy hours, bike rides, or walking tours. For our monthly meetings, you can find us at Elephant & Castle on the second Tuesday of the month from 5.30pm to 7.30pm. And, you can add our calendar to your e-calendar.

We’re always happy to meet with individuals or organizations for coffee to share ideas and ways that we can make positive relationships and advance particular community efforts. If you have something in mind, send Owen a message at owen[at]therurbanist[dot]org and he’ll get in touch with you.

We also focus on writing and researching on our blog–and that’s probably how you found us. We have a wide spectrum of contributors who specialize on issues like architecture, land use and zoning, economics, social welfare, environmental sustainability, transportation, and much more. We’re always looking for contributors to share their thoughts and expertise. If you’re interested in contributing, learn how and let us know at editorial[at]theurbanist[dot]org.

If you aren’t already following us, be sure to add us to your social network through RSS feed, Twitter, Facebook. And, feel free to drop us a line info[at]urbanist[dot]org if you want to learn more about us or how you can help!