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Author: Doug Trumm

It's photo snapping time as the Bainbridge ferry approaches Seattle, offering sweeps shots of the skyline along the shores of Elliott Bay

Announcing The Urbanist’s 2024 Advocacy Agenda

Focused on housing abundance and sustainable transportation, our 2024 advocacy agenda runs the gambit from comprehensive plan updates to transit upgrades and a safety-first Move Seattle Levy renewal.

$230 Million Deficit Hangs Over Annual Harrell Speech

In his state of the city speech Tuesday, Harrell eschewed new taxes and promised yet-to-be identified budget cuts. He pledged a long-delayed draft of the Seattle Comprehensive Plan and an incentive package for office-to-housing conversions will be released in March.

Mobility Advocates Push Seattle to Seek Bigger $3 Billion Levy

"To put the city on track to meeting its mobility, safety, equity, maintenance, and sustainability goals," the coalition of mobility and climate groups wrote, "Seattle must invest just over $3 billion over the next 8 years" in building 60 miles of dedicated transit corridors, 331 miles of new sidewalks, and 154 miles of new bike facilities, among other goals.
State representatives stand at their desks and raise their right hand to take an oath to start the 2023 session.

Rent Stabilization Backers Aim to Beat Deadline to Keep Bill Alive

Time is running out to pass rent stabilization in the state house or miss a key bill cutoff, putting off rent relief for another year. Supporters are rallying support in a last ditch effort.
The Capitol building in Olympia is marble colored and include pillars and a dome in the classic style.

State House Passes Bill Allowing Even-Year Local Elections

The Washington State House passed a bill allowing cities to move their elections to even years, when turnout is much higher. The bill still needs to pass the state senate to become law.

It Could Be the End of Line for the Seattle Streetcar

Support is dwindling for the Center City Streetcar project. Failing to connect two disconnected streetcar lines could spell a death spiral for Seattle streetcars, which are limping along without the central link.
A group of about 15 campaign volunteers hold clip board and campaign signs at a mall plaza.

Voters Set to Decide on Raise The Wage Renton in February Ballot Measure

Renton voters have until February 13 to vote in a special election on the measure putting the city's minimum wage in line with Tukwila and SeaTac.

Seattle Voters On Board with Big Transportation Levy, New Polling Shows

The survey found 56% of Seattleites supported a $1.7 billion transportation levy, with safety and transit top concerns.