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Staff Biography

Natalie Bicknell Argerious

Managing Editor

Natalie Bicknell Argerious is a writer and community college instructor who lives in the Central District with her husband and two adorably pugnacious Chihuahuas. In her research and writing, she is always on the lookout for better ways of creating sustainable, diverse, and vibrant cities. She has been writing for The Urbanist since 2018 and Managing Editor since August 2021. Email her at natalie [at] theurbanist [dot] org.

Recent Articles

Exploring Industry and Nature on the Duwamish

As a volunteer with Friends of Street Ends, a group that works to open and enhance Seattle's shoreline street ends for public access, I had the opportunity to tour the Duwamish Waterway in July,...

EcoTHRIVE’s Burien Affordable Housing Village Secures Key Loan

But, meanwhile, the Burien City Council voted to pump the brakes on similar projects. This week ecoTHRIVE received some very good news related to its innovative model of delivering deeply affordable housing, which The Urbanist...
Downtown Seattle skyscrapers seen from a ferry in Elliott Bay

Subscriber Drive Testimonial: Erin Fried

The Urbanist is a rare gift. Its reporting evokes a passion for civic life that goes beyond intellectual -- these are the people who sit through council meetings on transit in Everett and committee...

Tacoma Criminalizes Encampments Near Homeless Shelters and Waterways

In mid-September Urbanist reporter Kevin Le wrote about the Tacoma City Council's plan to create 10-block buffer zones around the city's nine emergency homeless shelters in which encampments and the storing of belonging by...
A photo of a group of people standing in the street in front of a small multi-family home.

A Reflection on the “Forbidden Houses” of Bothell

Four years ago I moved from a single-family home in Seattle to a condominium in dense downtown Kirkland. It was an adjustment. I loved my single-family home, but it was time to downsize. To...