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Staff Biography

Shaun Kuo

Treasurer and Junior Editor

Shaun Kuo is a recent graduate from the University of Washington’s Jackson School, and current master’s student at UW Tacoma’s MA in Community Planning. He is a Seattle native who has lived in Wallingford, Northgate, and Lake Forest Park. He enjoys exploring the city by bus and foot. He joined the board as treasurer in 2020. Shaun also serves an editor and writes about energy policy, development, and parks. Follow him on Twitter @kuo_shaun or send him an email at shaun [at] theurbanist [dot] org.

Recent Articles

Peter Kirk Park with Kirkland Urban and construction in the background

Downtown and Rose Hill: Kirkland’s Corridor of Dense New Development

After Totem Lake, a neighborhood that is experiencing a spree of significant growth, the next notable constellation of new commercial and residential development in Kirkland is occurring around NE 85th Street/Central Way. This corridor...
Village @ Totem Lake from Totem Lake Park

Totem Lake Shoulders Kirkland’s Transformation and Growth

Yet designing for cars continues to be a problem in the city's fastest growing neighborhood. When cataloging development in Kirkland, it's evident where the City has focused much of its development capacity: Totem Lake, a...
The 255 bus route in Juanita

Build on Kirkland’s Success with More Housing Near Route 255 and a Simple Parking...

Often overshadowed by Bellevue and Redmond, not to mention Seattle, Kirkland doesn't get the credit it deserves for the crafting of its lively downtown and growing Totem Lake neighborhood. Kirkland has also ended single-family...
Elects and pro cricketers at Tollgate Farm Park

Elevate Cricket in Incoming Bellevue, Kirkland, and Seattle Parks Levies

Move aside pickleball, it's time to give another rapidly growing sport in the Puget Sound the limelight. “Cricket has seen an exponential growth in our region," longtime Bellevue resident Yatin Aras said during an...
South Bellevue station

How to Rescue South Bellevue Station from Suburban Asphyxiation

From a transit-oriented development perspective, in the nearly $3.7 billion East Link light rail extension, the most shameful station area, by far, is around South Bellevue Station (although there is plenty of competition). The...