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Staff Biography

Shaun Kuo

Treasurer and Junior Editor

Shaun Kuo is a recent graduate from the University of Washington’s Jackson School, and current master’s student at UW Tacoma’s MA in Community Planning. He is a Seattle native who has lived in Wallingford, Northgate, and Lake Forest Park. He enjoys exploring the city by bus and foot. He joined the board as treasurer in 2020. Shaun also serves an editor and writes about energy policy, development, and parks. Follow him on Twitter @kuo_shaun or send him an email at shaun [at] theurbanist [dot] org.

Recent Articles

Aerial of the Central Puget Sound with its many highways and single family homes

PSRC Report Connects Single Family Zoning and Highways with Structural Racism

On July 6, the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) launched their Legacy of Structural Racism Interactive Report. While this report is far from the first piece of literature to connect policies such as single-family...

Subscriber Drive Testimonial: Shaun Kuo

We're nearing the end of our Spring Subscriber Drive, and we need your help. Our editor and board treasurer Shaun Kuo explains why he subscribes and volunteers at The Urbanist: The work of advocates past has...
NE Juanita Dr and its unprotected pedestrian path

Navigating Kirkland’s Pedestrian Nightmare — And Paradise

Whenever I write an article or series that charts the development of cities and neighborhoods in the Puget Sound, I always make an effort to walk to the vast majority if not all the...
Picture take from Kirkland facing downtown midrises and City Hall

Google Planned New Sustainable High-Rise Campus in Kirkland

Update: On January 20th, 2023, the City of Kirkland announced that Google will not be proceeding with the sale of the Lee Johnson site and proposed development plan. The tech giant's development concept is rapidly...
Midrise commercial and residential in Lakeview including Ivar's and an office building

Kirkland Smaller Development Node Spotlight: A Jumble of Car-centric and Smart Density

Having covered developments in transforming Totem Lake as well as the Downtown and Rose Hill corridor, what remains to tally up in Kirkland are the developments in smaller nodes of density. Juanita, Finn Hill,...