Midrise commercial and residential in Lakeview including Ivar's and an office building
Midrise commercial and residential in Lakeview (Photo by Shaun Kuo)

Having covered developments in transforming Totem Lake as well as the Downtown and Rose Hill corridor, what remains to tally up in Kirkland are the developments in smaller nodes of density. Juanita, Finn Hill, and Lake View are among the neighborhoods with some capacity for denser development. These nodes of density score all over the place on an urbanist’s scorecard. Indicators like transit availability, walkability, and livability are wildly varied, as we travel between Kirkland’s smaller neighborhoods.

Kirkland's map of neighborhoods
Kirkland’s map of neighborhoods (Courtesy of the City of Kirkland)

Juanita, underachieving but set up for success

Of all the neighborhoods left to discuss in this series development rundowns, Juanita is best set up to absorb current and future zoned capacity. Several bus routes, including the very frequent 255, serve the main arterials of the neighborhood. Two midrise zones in Juanita, one by Juanita Beach and the other surrounding the Safeway and Goodwill on 100th Avenue NE, are served by this fair transit service. These midrise zones are rather scrawny, so few significant midrises are actually being planned in Juanita. The development planned will mostly be small multifamily. Additionally, there is one 12-unit subdivision project near the border with Bothell.

zoning map of Juanita, two red nodes identify the most zoned capacity in the neighborhood
The zoning of Juanita, the red and brown indicate denser zoning. (Courtesy of the City of Kirkland)

Despite the zoning, one of Kirkland’s largest projects is being planned in Juanita. Currently, the Juanita Goodwill redevelopment at 13233 100th Avenue NE is proposed to be two 6-story mixed-use buildings with 595 units and 22,658 square feet of commercial space between the two of them. Based on trends and zoning requirements in Kirkland, it is likely that this development would have to build well over 1,000 parking stalls. Expect these figures to shift, as the project is very early in the planning phase.

  • The Juanita Goodwill, where two large midrise buildings are proposed
  • Rendering of Koh Kirkland Apartments

The next scale of development in Juanita are small to middle sized multifamily and/or mixed-use buildings, mostly around Juanita Beach Park. North to south this includes:

  • 13604 100th Avenue NE – Instyle Mixed Use Building
    • A 3-story, 21-unit mixed-use building with 5,404 square feet of commercial use and 50 parking stalls, per a recent SEPA DNS letter.
    • This project is in permitting.
  • 10213 NE 124th Street – 124th Street Condominiums
    • A 7-unit condominium in very early planning, parking can be assumed to be around 14 stalls.
  • 11929 100th Avenue NE – Koh Kirkland Apartments
    • A 3-story, 7-unit apartment building with 14 parking stalls.
    • Building permits have been issued for this project.
  • The future site of the Parkshore Juanita Senior Apartments
  • The completed 9040 Juanita Apartments
  • 11853 97th Avenue NE – Parkshore Juanita Bay Senior Apartments
    • A 4-story, 51-unit apartment building with 77 parking stalls.
    • This project is in design review.
  • 9040 Juanita Drive NE – 9040 Juanita Apartments
    • A 3-story, 12-unit apartment building over a 1 story garage with 20 parking stalls.
    • This project completed reviews in 2019.
  • 9049 NE Juanita Drive – Waterfront 2 Condominiums
    • A 12-unit condominium in very early planning, parking can be assumed to be around 20 stalls.
  • 11438 99th Place NE – 99th Place Townhomes
    • A 6-unit townhouse project in very early planning, parking can be assumed to be around 13 stalls.

Finn Hill, Juanita’s malignant neighbor

If Juanita is doing alright by the bus service it has, Finn Hill is building despite its missing bus service. All the development happening in Finn Hill is guaranteed to create car-dependent households due to the lacking services, awkward bike and pedestrian infrastructure, and no transit. The typical development in Finn Hill is either a large lot townhouse development or a large-lot single-family home subdivision. Perhaps it is fortunate that larger and permitted projects have not arrived in Finn Hill yet.

  • Part of the Radke subdivision
  • Woodland Reserve townhomes under construction
  • 12236 Juanita Dr NE Subdivision site plan
  • 14237 73rd Avenue NE
    • A 3-story, 12-unit townhouse project in permitting.
  • 13244 Juanita Drive NE
    • A 21-unit single-family home subdivision in very early planning.
  • 7922 NE 125th Street – Radke Subdivision
    • A 20-unit single-family home subdivision.
    • This project completed in 2020.
  • 12236 Juanita Drive NE – Woodlands Reserve
    • A 3-story, 31-unit townhouse project with around 68 parking stalls.
    • This project is under construction.
  • Kirkland Villas Townhomes
  • Verdant and Toll Townhomes-Finn Hill aerial view
  • Some of the Verdant and Toll Townhomes-Finn Hill site
  • 7630 NE 122nd Court – Kirkland Villas Townhomes
    • A 3-story, 33-unit townhouse project with 64 parking stalls.
    • This project completed in 2020.
  • 7845 NE 122nd Place – Verdant
    • A 3-story, 10-unit duplex project with 23 parking stalls.
    • This project completed in 2019.
  • 7831 NE 122nd Place – Toll Townhomes – Finn Hill
    • A 3-story, 16-unit townhouse project with 35 parking stalls.
    • This project completed in 2020.

Lakeview and Market, Downtown’s waterfront neighbors

North and south of Downtown Kirkland/Moss Bay are the neighborhoods of Market and Lakeview. These two neighborhoods have small nodes of significant zoned capacity and have fair bus service. Development in Lakeview and Market tend to be smaller office and multifamily uses. Lakeview does distinguish itself with more existing multifamily development and an accessible waterfront, but slight worse bus service.

Windermere Kirkland street view
1302 Market St – Windermere Kirkland (Courtesy of Google Street View)
  • 1720 Market Street – Aspen Homes Townhomes
    • An 8-unit townhouse project in early planning.
  • 1313 Market Street – Kirkland VII Townhomes
    • A 3-story, 9-unit townhouse project with 32 parking stalls.
    • This project completed in 2022.
  • 1302 Market Street – Windermere Kirkland
    • A 2-story, 8,901 square feet office building over a 1-level garage with 24 parking stalls.
    • This project completed in 2020.
  • Aegis Living Kirkland Waterfront from Lake St S
  • Lakeview Office building from Lake St S
  • 1006 Lake Street S – Aegis Living Kirkland Waterfront
    • A 3-story, 106-unit assisted living facility with ground floor retail for residents and a 1-level garage with 84 parking stalls.
    • This project completed in 2021.
  • 6211 Lake Washington Boulevard NE
    • A 3-story, 9-unit condominium with 22 parking stalls.
    • This project is in permitting.
  • 5501 Lakeview Drive – Lakeview Office Building
    • A 2-story, 46,075 square feet office building over a 2-level garage with 157 parking stalls.
    • This project competed in 2021.

Other odd nodes and summing it all together

Modera Bridle Trails rendering
13033 Ne 70th Pl – Modera Bridle Trails rendering (Courtesy of Weber Thompson)

What is left to cover includes Houghton, South Rose Hill/Bridle Trails, and Kingsgate. Like the other nodes, small multifamily, small commercial, and single-family subdivisions are the chief developments happening here as well. The only remaining standout is in Bridle Trails at 13033 NE 70th Pl, where the Modera Bridle Trails project is being planned to be a 6-story, 368-unit mixed-use apartment building with 7,000 square feet of retail space and 461 parking stalls. Houghton has a 10-room hotel completed in 2019 and an 8,700 square foot office building under construction. Kingsgate just has a townhouse development, outside of the projects bordering Totem Lake.

  • 10830 NE 68th St Lakeview - Hotel of Kirkland
  • 6700 108th Ave NE Houghton Office rendering
  • 10830 NE 68th St
6700 108th Ave NE Houghton Office construction site

Altogether, most of the development planned in Kirkland outside of Totem Lake and the Downtown Kirkland/Rose Hill corridor is concentrated in the large Juanita Goodwill Redevelopment and the Modera Bridle Trails projects. Over 1,450 units, 100,000 square feet of commercial uses, and 2,400 parking stalls have been constructed, are under construction, or in planning and permitting since 2019. Of these, only 240 housing units, 54,976 commercial square feet, and over 550 parking stalls have already been constructed.

Going forward, not much significant development should be expected in the minor development nodes in Kirkland. Minus Juanita, all of them are quickly approaching zoned capacity. With a comprehensive plan update on the horizon, Kirkland should at least bring and expand midrise zoning to its best transit served neighborhoods. Of the discussed neighborhoods, Juanita, Houghton, and Market standout as having good to fair transit service due to Route 255 and other routes passing through the neighborhoods.

This is not to excuse the other neighborhoods from growth. Transit must improve to serve neighborhoods like Finn Hill that have already built significant numbers of new housing units with paltry transit service. Neighborhoods like Lakeview, Bridle Trails, and Kingsgate could also use a boost in service to their infrequent bus service. Seeing large midrise projects developed in a car-centric fashion is unfortunate and runs counter to the city’s climate and transportation goals.

Article Author

Shaun Kuo is a junior editor at The Urbanist and a recent graduate from the UW Tacoma Master of Arts in Community Planning. He is a urban planner at the Puget Sound Regional Council and a Seattle native that has lived in Wallingford, Northgate, and Lake Forest Park. He enjoys exploring the city by bus and foot.