Sunday, 12 July, 2020

Hugh Geenen

Hugh Geenen has lived in Ballard enough to know that no matter how long it has been he will always be a newcomer. His first urbanist act was to help secure a student housing cooperative permanently off of the private housing market in 1981. He also served in Americorps/VISTA from 1981-82 in low-income urban cooperative projects in the State of Wisconsin. 
What if I told you there is currently an opportunity to turn a part of Ballard Avenue into a car-free zone? It's true. But there doesn't appear to be much publicity or notice of this effort. Local urbanists shouldn't let this opportunity slip by.
Saint Alphonsus Parish and School in Ballard has a tiny streetfight on its hands. It happens almost daily and hasn't attracted much attention--possibly because nobody has been injured. But the staff, the kids who go to school there, and their parents are more than aware of it. Drivers want to...