Call to Action: Support 133 Homes in Magnolia at Upcoming Design Review

The all-volunteer West Design Review Board will hear about a project at 2550 32nd Ave W that would house new neighbors and bring an...

Midweek Video: Metro’s New Eastlake Bus Layover Facility

0 King County Metro will construct a new bus layover facility on Eastlake Ave E and is still in the bidding phase for construction. The...
Mockup of what new overhead wayfinding signs will look like at Westlake Station. (Sound Transit)

Sound Transit Updates Station Wayfinding and Seattle Implements New Street Wayfinding

As the Puget Sound Region comes out of a year's-long pandemic hibernation, local agencies are hard at work improving the wayfinding system for people...
A new triangular shaped six-story apartment building at dusk.

Shoreline Apartment Boom Picks Up Along RapidRide E, Still in Infancy Near Light Rail

Outside its light rail station areas, Shoreline has seen a noticeable bump in apartment planning, permitting, and construction in the past few years. Upwards...
A "Missing Large Housing" graphic shows a range of midrise and highrise housing options between six-story "five over one" and pencil skyscrapers, including social housing and shared ownership options like baugruppe. "The middle class lives here in industrialized societies," a label notes.

Missing Large Housing and Berkeley’s Push to End Apartment Bans

Historically, Berkeley has been a hotbed of resistance to new housing and an innovator in excluding people of color. In fact, Berkeley was the...

Meetup Video: January 2021 with Lid I-5

0 Lid I-5 proponents joined for January meetup to discuss results of a recent study and objectives for an I-5 lid.

Midweek Video: 15 Thing You Didn’t Know About City Planning (Probably)

0 Dave Amos rattles through 15 things in urban planning that you may not have known.

Sunday Video: How Did The Kim Dynasty Design Pyongyang?

0 Dave Amos takes a dive into how Pyongyang was designed by the ruling Kim family. The impacts of their directives are far ranging on...