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A six story apartment rendered with white siding on the corners and brick in the middle.

Two Seattle QFC Redevelopments Run Into Concerns Around Height and Parking

Two housing projects -- one in Wedgwood and one in Capitol Hill -- are running into similar issues around tree retention, parking, and scale.
A bike whizzes by on Greenwood Avenue with a brick building in the background

Phinney Ridge Apartment Complex Pioneers Unique Communal Model

Delivering 35 new family-sized homes, Shared Roof features a unique financing model catering to a range of incomes, built-in community, and hip cafes spilling into a public courtyard. Is the model replicable? The developer thinks so.

Harrell Proposes Design Review Exemption for Downtown Housing Projects

Mayor Harrell is hoping to activate downtown through greater housing development and his administration has proposed a design review exemption for qualifying housing and/or laboratory projects in the downtown core to encourage such growth.
Smith Tower at sunset

Harrell Rolls Out Incentive Proposal for Converting Offices to Housing

Seattle is considering legislation to support conversion of existing commercial buildings to residential. Mayor Harrell is seeking to incentivize and facilitate reuse of vacant commercial properties and fulfill a plank of his Downtown Activation Plan.

Housing Leaders Call Out Seattle’s Bare Minimum Growth Proposal

Builders, lawmakers, and housing advocates warn the 'One Seattle' growth strategy is "nothingburger" that will come up short on affordability, livability, and complying with state law. Fourplexes would be too constrained to deliver sufficient housing.

Op-Ed: Seattle Public Utilities Continues to Gouge Builders for Water System Upgrades

SPU’s practice to target developers with unsubstantiated fees to upgrade public assets for the water system continues unchecked. For the year 2023 more than 100 building permit seekers received such requirements as a condition of approval for new water service.

State Improves Model Code to Promote Middle Housing

The state responded to feedback from urbanists and homebuilders by finetuning its draft model code for missing middle housing to be more generous around lot coverage, floor area ratio, setbacks, and design standards.

The Numbers That Make Your City

Misunderstanding the size of an acre, floor area ratio, and the area of a circle ruins many conversations about the basic shape of where you live.