Sound Transit Launches 130th Street Light Rail Station Open House

On October 12th, Sound Transit began their online open house for the 130th Street light rail station's design. Approved by voters in 2016, this...

Sunday Video: How Conquistadors Designed Cities in the Americas

0 Dave Amos of City Beautiful explains the history of city design in the Americas, which were shaped by the Spanish Conquistadors.

Kenmore and Kirkland Reform Accessory Dwelling Regulations, Snohomish County Could Be Next

Accessory dwelling unit (ADU) reform has been taking off across the Puget Sound region. Seattle, Tacoma, and Burien all approved sweeping changes to ADUs...
A four story building with wood accents

To Address the Climate Crisis We Must Incentivize Passive House Buildings

We know two things are true: we need more housing—1.8 million more people are expected to move to the Puget Sound region before 2050—and...
Backyard cottage with woman in patio and sunset.

City Launches “ADUniverse” Website for Pre-approved Backyard Cottage Designs

On Tuesday, the City of Seattle rolled out a website called ADUniverse that will offer 10 pre-approved accessory dwelling unit (ADU) designs and other...

Cities Built by the Mouse

The Unique Urbanism of Disney’s Movie Cities For those of us who adore movies, seven months of pandemic has been a difficult drought. We’re down...

Sunday Video: What The Global Skyscraper Boom Really Means

0 Is there any credence to the skyscraper index in forecasting economic downturns? Bloomberg Citylab explores this debated theory.

Sunday Video: Architecture That’s Built To Heal

1 Architect Michael Murphy provides several examples of how architecture can be designed to uplift, empower, heal, and rejuvenate communities when designed with intention and...