Celebrate Seattle Design Festival’s 10th Anniversary Online and Around the City

From August 15th through 23rd, festival participants can engage with online events, virtual design challenges, and socially distant outdoor installations. Back in fall of...

Designing for Community in the Covid City

Cohousing offers ways to stay connected during the Covid pandemic that city planners, architects, and community organizers can learn from. This spring, while people across...

Sunday Video: How Glass Skyscrapers Conquered Our Cities

0 Cheddar documents the rise of glass building and skyscrapers and how tides are beginning to turn against the overuse of glass in skyscrapers.

Green Lake Community Center Options Narrowed to Three at Current Site

Seattle Parks and Recreation's online open house has returned for the Green Lake Community Center/Pool redevelopment project, including the results of the previous open house. The selected...

Sunday Video: The Fake Facades of Paris

0 In Paris, fake building facades are a surprisingly common urban feature to aesthetically hide certain infrastructure.

Freeway Park Revamp Is Ahead, Latest Concepts Unveiled

Seattle Parks and Recreation and the Freeway Park Association began their open house and survey this week for the planned Freeway Park improvements. This...

Remedying Our Cities Amidst a Crisis

The city as we know it is collapsing. The virus is forcing us to reckon with the depletion of the buildings that comprise the...

Sunday Video: How To Design A Great Street

0 Europe is awash in great streets. But what makes them so great? And what can other cities learn from these streets?