Will Seattle’s Future Skyline Be Dotted with Wind Turbines?

Solar power dominates the urban renewable energy conversation, but wind can also generate a significant portion of cities' energy needs locally. Typically not associated...
Wind turbines with one half-constructed turbine in the foreground.

Renewable Energy Can Power America’s Grid and Its Economic Recovery

It's been a few months since the initial outbreak of Covid-19, and pandemic has already altered our societal fabric in profound ways. Fewer people...

Smart Grids: Technology for a Green Urban Energy Future

The buzzwords “smart grid” have been floating around in environmentalist circles, national security circles, and it’s even made an appearance in urbanist media. Hype...

Urban Microgrids: The Potential for Urban Energy Generation and Efficiency

In 2018, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan announced that the Miller Community Center would soon be home to a $3.3 million solar microgrid. This project...
Youth climate activists organized the first Fridays for the Future rally on March 22, 2019. District 4 City Council candidate Shaun Scott attended and gave a brief talk encouraging activists. (Photo by author)

It’s Well Past Time We Ditch Fossil Fuels

Yesterday, Mayor Jenny Durkan announced executive action ending the use of fracked gas infrastructure in City buildings. It represents a small step toward decoupling...

Rooftop Solar Can Power Seattle

Known for its dearth of sunshine, Seattle is not commonly considered a city ripe for residential solar power, also known as solar photovoltaic energy,...