Environment & Sustainability

Midweek Video: Obama’s Clean Power Plan

On Monday, President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency announced the Clean Power Plan, the first national standards to reduce carbon pollution from power...

Crisis Averted: Long Live Carbon Reduction and Multimodal Funding

A bit more than a week ago, Governor Jay Inslee (D-WA) announced that he would enact sweeping regulatory changes on carbon emissions by using existing executive authority....

Sunday Video: Walkable Cities

Jeff Speck highlights how Portland shifted its priorities in the 1970s to contain urban growth and invest in walking and cycling. The Walkable City discusses the importance of cities...

Map of the Week: Access and Choice to Grocery Stores in Seattle

Human settlements are built on the bedrock of food access. Without adequate sustenance, urban environments cannot flourish. People will travel long distances to ensure that they are...

Sunday Video: Disposable Architecture

https://youtu.be/7OLsIvyF-i8?list=PLsRNoUx8w3rNRSzbPthIfXujQDamkHt3Z Jenny Bevan talks about how traditional building design and craftmanship helps structures last longer.

Light Rail in ST3: A Region-Defining Decision

As Seattle's economy continues to grow rapidly and as congestion continues to increase, the upcoming ballot measure Sound Transit 3 (ST3) enables us to...

Sunday Video: Our Disposable Architecture

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OLsIvyF-i8?list=PLsRNoUx8w3rNRSzbPthIfXujQDamkHt3Z] Our Disposable Architecture by TEDx Talks on YouTube. A look at how our modern architecture has turned into throw away architecture, which lacks durability...

Inside The Green Headquarters of Brooks: Stone 34

"We have to show there is profit potential in projects like these…” - Lisa Picard, Executive Vice President and Regional Manager, Skanska USA, Seattle.  The...