Photo of a single-story duplex in Wallingford, with three-story townhomes behind it.

The Historic Preservation We Need: Four Floors and Corner Stores

We cannot escape the echoes of history. I live in and own a house in a formerly redlined section of Wallingford. This house was...

Seattle Council Extends Eviction Moratorium Through December

Being evicted for nonpayment of rent won't really be a thing for Seattle tenants in 2020--at least if tenants assert the rights they won...
A support of the winter evicition ban testified ahead of the Seattle City Council's vote. (Seattle Channel)

Seattle Council Passes Winter Eviction Ban Against Protests of Mayor Durkan and Landlord Lobby

On Monday, the Seattle City Council by a 7-0 vote passed a winter eviction ban aiming to protect tenants during the three coldest months...

In Pursuit of the Affordable Backyard Cottage

Last summer when the Seattle City Council passed legislation that encouraged development of backyard cottages across the city, the move was generally met with...

Luxury Housing Creates Affordability Problems in Seattle, but Single Family Zoning Is More Destructive

Years ago I spent a year teaching English in Nice, France, a short train ride from Monaco, a sovereign city-state on the French Riviera...

Alex Pedersen Misleads Voters on Property Taxes

Alex Pedersen appears to not understand property tax in Washington State, despite having worked in government and his claims to "practical experience." Or maybe...

What to Know about Queen Anne Community Council’s Backyard Cottage Appeal

On October 18th the Queen Anne Community Council filed an appeal to the City of Seattle's Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on Accessory Dwelling Units...

Study Reveals Wealthy White Homeowners Benefit Most from Backyard Cottages

So why have affluent neighborhood groups like the Queen Anne Community Council resisted proposed policy changes? Last week, the City of Seattle released a Racial...