A picture of a person on a scooter and e-bike riding past a car with the caption 'tired of waiting in traffic? Lime will get you there.'


Coalition Urges Bellevue City Council to Ramp Up Road Safety Spending

With Bellevue backsliding on many of its prior commitments to improve safety and multimodal connectivity, a coalition of advocates are trying to get things back on track. The group is seeking bigger investments in the city's next biennial budget.

Seattle Sends $1.55 Billion Transportation Levy to the November Ballot

It's official: Voters this fall will get to weigh in on whether Seattle should invest $1.55 billion over eight years to improve transportation infrastructure, with most funding allocated to road and bridge maintenance.

Advocates Push to Close Half-Mile Gap in Interurban Trail

For decades, the Interurban Trail in North King County and in Snohomish County have been disconnected, with a state highway between them. There's new momentum to change that.

Sunday Video: Are American Suburbs Still Getting Less Walkable?

For decades, America's road networks have become increasingly less gridded and connected, degrading the ability to walk and bike in communities. That's been the...
A rendering shows three people biking and three walking on the trail through the tunnel.

Op-Ed: WSDOT Must Keep SR 520 Trail Tunnel in Roanoke Lid

WSDOT is scrapping the planned SR 520 bike and pedestrian tunnel, forcing people who travel outside cars into dangerous territory. It's not too late to push back and contact policymakers.

Morales Makes Last Minute Push for $1.7 Billion Transportation Levy

Councilmember Tammy Morales offered a new proposal Thursday for a $1.7 billion transportation levy that increases spending across a broad array of programs. None of her colleagues have yet backed the proposal.

Op-Ed: Steering Away from Car Dependency Is Not About Toughing It Out 

Anna Zivarts recently published When Driving Isn’t an Option with Island Press, a book outlining her experience as a low-vision nondriver and shining a light on the frustrating, dangerous, and sometimes deadly situations involuntary nondrivers face every day. This is a letter she wrote in response to her mother’s reaction to the book.

Seattle Council’s 500-Block Sidewalk Expansion Proposal May Be Infeasible

A proposed amendment to the next Seattle transportation levy pushes the city to build 500 blocks of new sidewalks in five years. However, SDOT says that goal likely isn't achievable without more funding and broader changes.