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Transformative Pedestrian Bridge Opens at Redmond Technology Station

The new Redmond Technology Station pedestrian bridge opened Monday. It will significantly shorten multimodal trips in the Overlake area and provide a direct connection to the SR 520 Trail.

Seattle Levy Proposal Keeps Modest Pace of Building New Sidewalks

250 blocks of new sidewalks was a big win from the Move Seattle levy. Now it's seen as the new baseline, with the 27% of missing blocks citywide being put front and center in the levy debate.

A Deep Dive on the 15 Corridor Upgrades in Seattle’s Draft Transportation Levy

The transportation levy proposed this month by the Harrell Administration would overhaul at least 15 corridors around the city. Here's what's on the table when it comes to changes on those streets.

A Car-Free Ave? U District Residents Envision Pedestrianizing University Way

A UW student is seeking to spark a community conversation about finally pedestrianizing The Ave after decades of dreaming.

Harrell Proposes Modest $1.35 Billion Transportation Levy Renewal

The mayor's levy proposal is focused on preserving the existing car-focused system rather than promising transformative changes. Advocates asked for at least $1.7 billion focused on pedestrians, bikes, and transit, but didn't get it.

Bob Kettle Moves to Keep Cars Clogging Pike Place

Whether the city should stay out of the business of making Pike Place Market's main corridor more pedestrian friendly was put front and center this week by Councilmember Bob Kettle, who proposed an amendment seeking to starve the idea of funding.
Steps are taking shape even with the concrete not yet poured. The Seattle skyline peeks in the background.

Seattle Waterfront Park Project Finally Enters Its Home Stretch

A new aquarium and "Overlook Walk" to Pike Place Market headline a revamped Seattle Waterfront just one year away from its grand opening, all made possible by tearing down the Alaskan Way Viaduct.

Mobility Advocates Push Seattle to Seek Bigger $3 Billion Levy

"To put the city on track to meeting its mobility, safety, equity, maintenance, and sustainability goals," the coalition of mobility and climate groups wrote, "Seattle must invest just over $3 billion over the next 8 years" in building 60 miles of dedicated transit corridors, 331 miles of new sidewalks, and 154 miles of new bike facilities, among other goals.