The Top 10 Street Ends of West Seattle

Since Seattle is bounded and divided by numerous fresh and salt bodies of water, the city has what are colloquially known as Street Ends:...

Saldaña’s Evergreen Plan Advances Climate Action and Mobility Justice

In Washington state, our leaders like to talk about environmental protection and climate action. And then it comes time to pass a transportation funding...

The Great Depression Christmas Eve When Pedestrians Were Branded a “Menace”

Christmas Eve 1939 in Washington, D.C. nestled within the back pages of the then Sunday Star, an illustration went to war on behalf of...

Sunday Video: Can We Make Cities Car-Free?

https://youtu.be/g9-9CxCxrVE Dave Amos looks at how cities across the globe are making streets and districts car-free. He also explains how this is improving economic and...

Seattle Aiming to Launch Wayfinding Program in Early 2021 Following Covid Delay

Some new and shiny pedestrian infrastructure is coming in 2021 with the first few pilots of the Seamless Seattle Pedestrian Wayfinding Program introducing new...

SDOT Is Deploying New Stay Healthy Streets Signage, but Permanent Installation Plan Still Unfunded

On Monday, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) announced that Stay Healthy Streets--streets that are highly restricted to car traffic to provide space for...

Sunday Video: Should “Jaywalking” Be Legal?

https://youtu.be/_MpV7w6NxFE Dave Amos explains how automobile interests fought against pedestrian rights by concocting "jaywalking". He also argues that "jaywalking" should be legal.

Bellevue’s NE 8th Street is Deadly and Broken

At 5:20pm Monday, Bellevue Police received a call about a pedestrian-driver collision near Crossroads Park. A 92-year-old gentleman was walking along NE 8th St...