A photo of people walking on a pedestrian bridge over Interstate 5.

John Lewis Memorial Pedestrian Bridge Partially Mends Freeway Gash in Northgate

A brand new pedestrian bridge linking Northgate Station to North Seattle College and points beyond made the opening of the Northgate Link light rail...
A wide intersection where two streets meet at an angle, some legs without crosswalks.

Durkan’s 2022 SDOT Budget Would Revive Downtown Streetcar, But Makes Few Waves

A "cost-to-continue budget" is how Kris Castleman, the Seattle Department of Transportation's Finance and Administration Division, described the 2022 budget proposed by Mayor Jenny...

Sunday Video: The Art of the Autoluw

https://youtu.be/GlXNVnftaNs Not Just Bikes explores the Dutch concept of low car streets (autoluw). They’re another tool to prioritize people and make them feel welcome on...

West Seattle Bridge Agreement Gives Port of Seattle Leverage Over Planned Bike Connection

As the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) moves forward with plans to repair the West Seattle Bridge, it is working to assemble full funding...

Midweek Video: Highways Almost Destroyed Amsterdam via Plan Jokinen

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vI5pbDFDZyI In the 1960s, Amsterdam briefly was sold on a highway urban renewal project designed by an American planner David Jokinen. It would have destroyed...

After Years of Delay, 4th Avenue Protected Bike Lane Opens Downtown

This past weekend, Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) crews marked out a protected bike lane on 4th Avenue in downtown Seattle, extending the existing...

Greenwood Set to Get First Permanent ‘Healthy Street’ Upgrades

Beacon Hill, Delridge, Highland Park, and Bell Street Park are next up for permanent upgrades after Greenwood. In the next few weeks, the Seattle Department...
A map of the multi-use trail connecting Lake Washington to Puget Sound. The trail is divided into segments A to E.

Exciting Progress on the 16-Mile Lake to Sound Trail

It’s almost time to say hello to a 16-mile multi-use trail connecting Renton to Des Moines and everything in between. King County Parks will soon...