Amazon Kicks in $7.5 Million for the Eastrail

Tech giant Amazon is partnering with King County to fund completion of the Wilburton and Wilburton Trestle trail segments in Bellevue, contributing $7.5 million...

Seattle On Pace to Record Highest Number of Traffic Fatalities Since 2006

Seattle is on track to see a huge increase in the number of people killed by traffic violence on its streets in 2021. The...
A pedestrian bridge over a waterfront highway

Two Very Different Pedestrian Bridges Coming to the Seattle Waterfront

The overhaul of the Seattle Waterfront, while not exactly close to completely wrapping up, is starting to take shape before our eyes. With work...

Traffic Shift Coming to Allow for Montlake Boulevard’s Expansion to Nine Lanes

This coming weekend Montlake Boulevard over SR-520 will be completely closed between Roanoke and Hamlin Streets so that the entire roadway can be shifted...

Rainier I-90 On-Ramp Gets a Slimdown, but Substantial Improvements Further Off

This past weekend, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) completed a spot improvement to the eastbound I-90 on-ramp at Rainier Avenue. Within a...

Study Ranks U.S. Cities by 15-Minute City Potential

Americans typically associate the kind of accessibility offered by 15-minute cities with European metropoles, but with smart planning 15-minute cities can thrive in the...
An elevated light rail line over a city street with midrise buildings on the sides.

Help Snohomish County Shape Future Communities Near Light Rail

On August 3rd, Snohomish County returned with a Summer Survey to continue their light rail planning process. When we last covered Snohomish County's Light...
A crosswalk in Downtown Bellevue.

Bellevue Seeks Public Input for its Multimodal Future

Bellevue's reputation as our region's most car-dominated metropolis is well-established and, to my chagrin, well-founded. Guided in part by the desires of our city's...