If you didn’t get a chance to attend the Seattle 2035 EIS Scoping and open house meeting last week, don’t fret! The Department of Planning and Development (DPD) is taking their Seattle 2035 show on the road. Over the next two weeks, DPD staff will be meeting with residents across the city.

The purpose of the meetings is for DPD to receive feedback on what people want to see in an updated comprehensive plan. Are the alternatives on the table sufficient or should they be modified? Should the scope be expanded? Are there things that the city should consider in terms of services, culture, environment, and more?

If you aren’t familiar with what Seattle 2035 is, you should check out DPD’s website or our coverage here and here.

Upcoming Meetings

April 7 (Northwest Seattle)
Loyal Heights Community Center

April 8 (Northeast Seattle)
Northgate Branch Library

April 9 (West Seattle)
Youngstown Cultural Arts Center

April 14 (Central Seattle)
Miller Community Center

April 15 (South Seattle)
Rainier Community Center

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