Yes Seattle ParksA few weeks ago, we ran a guest article by Michael Maddux in support of Proposition 1–the measure to fully fund park maintenance and construction through the creation of the Seattle Metropolitan Park District. We stand by his article and strongly endorse a vote “FOR” the creation and funding of this district. Michael wrote that:

It’s a simple question, and a simple “yes” or “no” answer. Seattle Proposition 1 is presented to voters under the predication that yes, in fact, we believe that clean, safe, welcoming parks are a necessity for a growing city. That community centers must be open when they are needed, and receive equitable funding to do the same–not the pay-for-play that we see now. That affordable and relevant programming for youth keeps kids out of trouble, programs for seniors ensure folks can remain active with lifelong recreation, and programs for people with disabilities ensure all residents of our city can participate in making our communities great! The Seattle Park District is a funding mechanism that dedicates revenue to parks in Seattle, with a focus on addressing the major maintenance backlog, putting in place measures to help in avoiding deferred maintenance in the future, and bringing community center hours and programming as close to 2008 levels as possible. By levying a property tax increase of less than 1%, Proposition 1 puts Seattle in a position to engage in long-term planning, while also being able to respond to immediate needs–things that levies, frankly, do not allow.

It’s not too late to get your ballots in to support this pro-urban measure. The election ends at 8pm tonight. Be sure to get your ballot postmarked before the close of your local Post Office or Post Office box–this is likely sooner than 8pm. King County Elections will also have mobile vans and ballot dropoff boxes throughout the county to turn in your ballot as an alternative. And, if for some reason you lost, never received, or made a major error on your ballot, you can get a new ballot in-person. For details, visit the elections information online provided by King County Elections. If you’ve already turned in your ballot, it may be wise to verify if it has been received and/or counted.

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