MassTransit Now! YES! Regional Prop 1In the late 1960s, Seattle and the Puget Sound region had the chance to build a modern, grade-separated transit system. The warning signs, that millions of people would be moving into the region were summarily ignored, leading to the traffic congestion and transportation problems we face each and every day.

Now, in 2016, the region once again has the chance to fix the mistakes of previous generations by voting for Regional Proposition 1 (aka ST3). This multi-decade plan will build 116 miles of Sound Transit light rail, Bus Rapid Transit, express bus, commuter rail, and more–creating high-paying, high-quality employment, connecting the region, and providing an alternative to the daily commuting slog.

Please remember to vote YES for Regional Proposition 1 this November. We can’t afford the alternative.

For more information about what this plan will build, please visit: For volunteering opportunities in support of Regional Proposition 1, please visit:

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Gordon is a native New Yorker who wisely chose to leave the Northeast in the early 1990s. A past resident of Belltown, and Queen Anne, he currently calls First Hill home. He is a board member of the First Hill Improvement Association (FHIA) as well as the FHIA Transportation Committee Chair and is constantly looking for ways to improve transportation up the hill.