This Sunday (December 4th) there will be a U District walking tour of microhousing with Seattle YIMBYs from 10am to 1pm. The tour kicks off from Chaco Canyon Cafe and will visit multiple microhousing buildings and a new project on 9th Ave NE & NE Ravenna Blvd. The tour will end at the Cowen Park Grocery and Cafe.

Microhousing regulations have changed in the last few years. One of the projects on the tour would no longer be legal under the current rules for congregate housing.

Seattle YIMBYs is an online collective of folks that believe building more housing means that more people will have housing. RSVP on facebook or by sending an email to


Featured Image: Ravenna Micros courtesy of Neiman Taber Architects

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Laura Loe (Bernstein) is an educator, musician, and gardener from Colombia/NY/LA/Chicago who has lived in Seattle since 2009. Her writing has appeared in The Urbanist, The Seattle Globalist, South Seattle Emerald, and International Examiner. She was elected to the Sierra Club's Seattle Group in 2016 and chairs their housing work group. She is passionate about womxn urbanist voices, climate justice, community ownership, equitable community development and renters' rights. Laura organizes independently to form ad-hoc collaborations with like-minded folks and performs civic matchmaking that leads to unlikely allyships. Yes in Our Backyards #YIOBY // Tweets as @yimbysea. She was recently referred to by a neighborhood activist as Seattle's "Worst Urbanist Propagandist".