The University District rezone and urban design process has come a long way. Tomorrow (January 19th), the Planning, Land Use, and Zoning (PLUZ) Committee will take up further discussion on the overall proposal and specific amendments targeted to deal with commercial and residential affordability, urban design, additional development capacity proposals, and retaining key characteristics of The Ave. The Committee will also hear about unrelated land use topics, including certain amendments to Environmentally Critical Area regulations and an omnibus bill to make targeted corrections and modifications to land use regulations.

If you have feedback on urban design and rezones within the University District, Thursday’s meeting is an important one to voice them. You can attend the 2pm meeting in-person to provide public testimony or e-mail Councilmember Rob Johnson, Chair of the PLUZ Committee, beforehand. A vote on possible amendments won’t take place until sometime next month, and the final ordinance is expected to be approved sometime later in February.

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