Below are the results for the 2017 General Election for Washington State as of November 7th. The results are still early with some races having only about half of the votes counted so far. Endorsed candidates and positions on measures will have an (e) next to them. Incumbents will be noted as such. Top candidate leading will be bolded. Measures passing or failing will also be bolded.


King County

King County Proposition 1 (Veterans and Human Services Levy): Yes (e) 66.06%, No 33.94%

East Bellevue Community Municipal Corporation Continuation: Yes 79.62%, No 20.38%

Houghton Community Municipal Corporation Continuation: Yes 76.12%, No 23.88%

Pierce County

University Place Proposition Fireworks Sale, Possession, and Discharge Ban: Yes 67.52%, 32.48%

Snohomish County

Mukilteo Transportation Benefit District: Yes 52.68%, No 47.32

City of Snohomish Advisory Proposition on Allowing Marijuana Businesses: Yes 29.71%, No 70.29%



45th Legislative District (State Senator): Manka Dhingra (D) 55.42%, Jinyoung Lee Englund (R) 44.58%

Court of Appeals Division 1 Position 1: Michael Spearman (Incumbent) 74.51%, Nathan Choi 25.49%

King County

Executive: Dow Constantine (D, Incumbent) 75.4%, Bill Hirt (R) 24.6%

Snohomish County

County Council District 5: Sam Low (R, Incumbent) 57.60%, Kristin Kelly (D) 42.08%

City of Seattle

Mayor: Cary Moon (e) 39.38%, Jenny Durkan 60.62%

City Council Position 8: Teresa Mosqueda (e) 61.51%, Jon Grant 38.49%

City Council Position 9: M. Lorena González (Incumbent) (e) 67.68%, Pat Murakami 32.32%

City Attorney: Pete Holmes (Incumbent) 72.81%, Scott Lindsay 27.19%

Port of Seattle Commission

Position 1: Ryan Calkins (e) 48.52%, John Creighton (Incumbent) 51.48%

Position 3: Ahmed Abdi 33.21%, Stephanie Bowman (Incumbent) 66.79%

Position 4: Preeti Shridhar (e) 37.12%, Peter Steinbrueck 62.88%

Seattle Public Schools

Director District 4: Herbert J. Camet, Jr. 14.03%, Eden Mack 85.97%

Director District 5: Omar Vasquez 38.83%, Zachary Pullin DeWolf 61.17%

Director District 7: Chelsea Byers 34.89%, Betty Patu (Incumbent) 64.11%

City of Bremerton

Mayor: Patty Lent (Incumbent) 46.2%, Greg Wheeler 53.6%

City of Bellevue

City Council Position 2: Conrad Lee (Incumbent) 69.46%, Randy Grein 30.54%

City Council Position 4: Jared Nieuwenhuis 54%, Karol Brown 46%

City Council Position 5: Janice Zahn 59.37%, Phillip Yin 40.63%

City Council Position 5: Lynne Robinson (Incumbent) 55.31%, Steven Fricke 44.29%

City of Everett

Mayor: Cassie Franklin 44.28%, Judy Tuohy 44.83%, Write-In 10.89%

City Council Position 1: Leland (Lee) Dart 32.81%, Paul Roberts (Incumbent) 66.47%

City Council Position 2: Alex Lark 44.81%, Jeff Moore 54.60%

City Council Position 3: Jennifer Hesse 32.69%, Scott Murphy (Incumbent) 66.80%

City of Issaquah

Mayor: Mary Lou Pauly 65.24%, Paul Winterstein 34.76%

City of Kent

Mayor: Jim Berrios 47.43%, Dana Ralph 52.57%

City of Kirkland

City Council Position 7: Uzma Butte 25.32%, Jon Pascal (Incumbent) 74.68%

City of Tacoma

Mayor: Victoria Woodards 51.98%, Jim Merritt 48.02%

Image courtesy of Washington Secretary of State’s website.

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