Apply to Serve on the Renters’ Commission: Seattle’s renter commission is a relatively new group, formed in the last year, serving as an official representative body for renters. Members get access to city staffers and politicians who are looking for feedback on issues that could affect renters. Renters can provide a unique perspective because they are the only people in the Seattle that don’t financially benefit at all from rising housing cost. Additionally, the median renter has virtually no material wealth compared to the median homeowner.

Tell the City What You’d Like in a New Police Chief: The city is hunting for a new police chief and is taking official feedback about values and priorities. We need to drastically rethink how policing is done, especially if we believe in a cities where everyone can feel safe.

Give Your Feedback on Victor Steinbrueck Park: The park is a beautiful anchor to Pike Place Market and will interact with the market expansion. There’s a number of issues. One of the goals stated in the improvement plan is better connections to the market front. Probably the best way to do that would be to improve the pedestrian experience on Pike Place. You can let the survey know that you’d like to see street closed to non-delivery vehicles.

Complete a Survey on Bikeshare’s Impacts on Folks with Disabilities: The city is going to review it’s permitting process for floating bike share and may choose to change the rules. It’s interested in learning how the bikes may affect mobility for people with disabilities. If there’s anything that affects your mobility, you should definitely give feedback to the city.

Join Beacon Hill Safe Streets: The group is meeting Thursday March 22nd to discuss street improvements. You can learn about getting involved with making Beacon Hill a safer place for all people. The meeting will be at the Beacon Hill Library.

Top Urbanist Action: Support Housing For All at City Hall Wednesday

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