Last week, we asked you to narrow down a slew of Denny intersections, and you did.

2017 winner Denny & Stewart advanced, while 2015 winner Denny & Terry narrowly lost to Westlake & Blanchard. Boren & Lenora also advanced. These three intersections will now compete against others across the city that were nominated.

We now have a bracket and a real competition! There are 16 reader-nominated intersections lined up for you to choose from in this week’s worst intersection survey.

The bracket is organized to support geographic diversity in the competition and this year’s regions are color-coded on the map below as follows:

  • South / West (south of Yesler and not downtown, includes West Seattle)
  • Northeast (north of 520 and east of I-5)
  • SLU / Central (South Lake Union and downtown)
  • SLU / North (West South Lake Union and areas North of South Lake Union and West of I-5)

Last year’s winner is located in Rainier Valley, and even though that intersection is being improved, there are plenty of other intersections worth considering from that area. Unfortunately, none of them were nominated this year.

Still, there are plenty of bad intersections across the city that are awful for all modes.

In making your choices, consider the intersections that are the worst for walking, biking, and busing (odds are they are bad for driving as well).

Review the nominations thread as you consider your decision and submit your vote by Friday May 24. We’ll announce the 8 intersections that advance the following week.

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