1990 levels: A report claims that carbon emissions have plummeted below 1990 levels due to the pandemic. Still, people driving are the top polluters.

Highway removal money: Congress could wind up considering $10 billion for highway removal projects.

Beg buttons: San Francisco advocates are urging the removal of “beg buttons” for pedestrians at intersections.

Delayed no more: A judge has cleared the way for new bus lanes in Flushing, Queens.

Expensive habit: Average car prices have increased to $40,000 for the first time.

The Champs: Bloomberg CityLab covers the Champs-Élysées transformation in more detail.

Expanding immigration: President-elect Joe Biden plans to put forward a bill offering a path to citizenship and permanent residence to 11 million undocumented people ($) living in America.

Guaranteed income: Compton is planning to offer a two-year pilot program of a guaranteed income.

Yang’s NYC tour: Despite his four-borough transit tour, New York City mayoral candidate Andrew Yang made some odd comments about pedestrians.

Farmer Gates: Bill Gates apparently has the largest private farmland holdings in America across 18 states.

Linear city: Saudi Arabia looks to a 105-mile linear city concept.

WFH West boom: With so many people working from home, there seems to be a shift going on in the American West.

River plan update: Los Angeles is master planning revitalization of the Los Angeles River.

Police reform uncharted: Police reform is taking shape in the state capitol, but what will come of it?

Apartment ban: Fort Worth is looking at a temporary apartment ban ($).

Environmental terrorist: In a parting shot, Trump is opening up more than three million acres of land in the Pacific Northwest to timber harvesting ($) that could threaten the spotted owl.

Hidden cost: Lack of safety leads to nearly $15 billion in impacts from car crashes per year in Washington.

Affordable housing investment: Investors are pledging $100 million to fund affordable housing near Atlanta’s subway stations.

Covid crisis: A new variant of the Covid virus could result in large case spikes and by extension deaths ($). Meanwhile, vaccination hopes ($) have been dashed in Washington as the federal government revealed there are no reserves to ramp up speed ($). Fortunately, President-elect Joe Biden has comprehensive plan for Covid vaccination production, distribution, and administration.

Electoral reform: Sightline argues that Americans should focus on electoral reforms to guard democracy and what Congress and Biden should do with Democratic power in this regard.

Thomas Street Overpass: The approach to the pedestrian and bike Thomas Street Overpass in Uptown is poised to be improved.

New national park: Tucked into the latest Covid bill was the creation of a new national park in West Virginia.

No new roads: Fifth Ward residents in Houston have come out against more highway expansion downtown.

Car-free PDX: Portland’s transportation head wants more car-free streets in the city center.

Must plan for housing: Pasadena has lost its fight to block more housing required by the regional housing needs assessment and state law.

Safer roads: How much would it cost Washington to make roads safe for everyone, including people walking, biking, and rolling?

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