Tech 4 Housing organizer Calvin Jones speaking at the February 21, 2021 Mandatory Housing Affordability hearing (Credit: Seattle Channel)

In an effort to continue providing great journalism, programming, and advocacy, we’ve launched our Spring Subscriber Drive this week at The Urbanist. We think what we do is valuable, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Below is a testimonial from Calvin Jones, organizer with Tech4Housing and member of the Seattle Renters Commission.

My favorite articles in The Urbanist are the ones that I don’t agree with. It’d be easy to pander to a small group of like-minded people, but it’s hard to bring a diverse audience onto common ground. When I see something in The Urbanist that goes against my priors, I think of it as both an opportunity for me to learn and a reminder that The Urbanist is building a big tent.

And we are going to need a hefty tent to create a better future. We’re up against a deeply conservative state constitution, centuries of systematic racism entrenched into nearly every power structure in our society, and many people that are perfectly content with the status quo.

The Urbanist does a lot of the coalition-building we need to challenge the status quo. It brings us a shared set of facts to work from, a broad array of opinions to ponder, and insights from council meetings that no one wants to go to. It lays an intellectual foundation atop which we can come together.

If you’re able, please consider financially supporting The Urbanist. Your support goes to a wonderful organization working hard to build a positive, inclusive vision of the future.

Spring 2021 Subscriber Drive Testimonial

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Calvin Jones is a member of the Seattle Renters’ Commission and an organizer for Tech 4 Housing. He's a renter in Madison Valley.