The Spree with a railway bridge leading to Berlin Bahnhof Friedrichstraße. (Credit: Photo by author)

Questionable noise: The use of sirens on emergency vehicles may do more harm than good ($).

Carless: Households without cars in America may be more common than you think.

Art at CPA: What’s the state of art at Climate Pledge Arena?

Lesson from Berlin: Next City outlines four things American can learn from Berlin on organizing for expropriation.

Walk/bike to school: You can organize a walk or bike program for you kids to school.

High levels: High nitrogen levels in Puget Sound are creating worry.

Extraordinary disruptions: Washington, D.C. is grappling with service disruptions after certain vehicles are temporarily pulled out of subway service.

Left out: A new draft guidelines document for Portland may leave some streets unsafe.

Housing America: What is President Biden’s plan for housing in America?

Interurban needs: Ahead of light rail to Lynnwood, the Interurban Trail needs big upgrades in Snohomish County ($).

Engineering socialization: Barcelona is offering free transit if residents ditch their cars.

Parking socialism: Parking is America’s only true socialism.

PPM: Knute Berger looks back at the fight to preserve Pike Place Market and what that means now.

No more freeways: There’s a new induced demand calculator to evaluate road projects. Could it be compelling in Washington?

Slow process: What will happen with redevelopment of the Capitol Hill Safeway site?

Sweeping reforms: New Zealand’s government could make sweeping changes to zoning regulations for housing.

Uncertain: What is the future of electric trolleybuses in Boston?

Go Dutch: Utrecht is opening another major underground bike parking garage.

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