In the U District, NE 43rd Street has tables, a bus-only lane, and bike lane. (Credit: Stephen Fesler)

SB 5528: With passage of enabling legislation, Seattle could speed up construction of light rail extensions.

Pit to tower: Across from Seattle City Hall, an empty pit is said to soon start seeing construction of a tower ($). We also noted construction preparations earlier this month.

Urban renewal: Boston’s new mayor wants to end the city’s urban renewal districts.

Embarrassing: Sound Transit’s goals for escalators and elevators are decidedly lackluster and could leave riders hiking steps basically forever.

Transpo subsidies: Most people don’t know what gas tax rates are; are there better transportation subsidy options?

Broadway rezone: In Vancouver, British Columbia, final touches are coming to a big rezoning plan centered on Broadway.

Fewer milquetoast Dems needed: What will it take to get statewide housing reform in Washington?

Finally?: Milwaukee’s streetcar extension long-standing TIGER federal grant may finally come through.

Unite: Seattle’s first Starbucks to unionize is in Capitol Hill.

Not a boulevard: Detroit wants to move forward with a highway removal project but it seems like it could turn out as a surface highway no-man’s-land blunder.

T extension: Boston’s Green Line extension has finally opened.

Backward: Los Angeles transportation authority proposes cutting transit construction funding while boosting freeway spending.

Racial wealth gap: Will increased homeownership close the racial wealth gap?

Methane capture: New law in Washington could mean that methane gas at landfills could be captured for natural gas.

Attrition continues: Seattle’s police department still isn’t making net hiring increases.

JustCARE: The JustCARE program addressing homelessness in Seattle could run out of funding by June.

No show no more: After strangely giving clout to a neo-fascist and insurrectionist group, KOMO’s preeminent purveyor of poverty gawkery, Jonathan Choe, was finally fired.

New Portland blocks: Portland is looking for $15 million in funding for new streets in the city’s Broadway Corridor.

HOPE: What is Seattle’s HOPE team and how is it operating?

LGA link: Transit advocates want New York’s governor to look at solid transit options to LaGuardia Airport, such as an extension of the subway.

More housing: An eight-story apartment building has been approved on 12th Avenue in Capitol Hill.

Makes sense: Sightline explains how homelessness is a housing problem.

Rockaways: New York City is getting a major net-zero development in the Rockaways.

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