King Street Station in Seattle boasts Amtrak Cascades service. Two Cascades trains dwell at the station platforms. (Stephen Fesler)

Safetyville: How has Hoboken ended traffic fatalities and how is going to end traffic injuries?

: A person biking was killed last night near West Seattle with the driver murderer fleeing the scene.

Different planets: What’s the connection between transit policymakers and transit riders?

Build the housing: People attribute homelessness to a lot of causes, but it’s mostly just about housing costs ($).

Paring back parking mandates: San José’s city council has voted to eliminate minimum car parking mandates in most areas of the city.

Decongestion pricing Colombia: What’s Bogotá’s model for decongestion pricing and could it be a fit for US cities?

Florida BRT: Tampa’s SunRunner bus rapid transit system is set to launch in October.

Backtracking on housing: Boise has backtracked on doing citywide rezones for housing affordability despite meteoric price increases.

It stings: The Onion stings with a piece hitting the US for its terrible passenger rail systems.

Rentflation: Rents are likely to remain high and continue increasing for the foreseeable future ($).

Urbanist for Toronto: Urbanist Gil Penalosa is running for mayor in Toronto’s upcoming election.

Income discrimination: Charlotte may start fining landlords for voucher discrimination.

Resort town policies: Aspen shakes up housing policies with more restrictions on short-term rentals, home construction fees, and new paths for affordable housing.

Wheeler’s wrong: Portland’s mayor claims that induced demand doesn’t matter if cars don’t pollute.

Aridification’s hard to fight: California is reducing water usage but not enough to deal with aridification.

Failing upward: The Columbia River I-5 bridge replacement and expansion projects has gotten okays from Portland and its regional planning body.

Tit for tat: To skirt rent control in St. Paul, landlords have resorted to new utility charges.

Seattle car prowls: Car prowl reports have largely been falling in Seattle, but not in Capitol Hill.

War on cars: Matt Baume outlines how cars kill people and the environment.

Staffing up police: Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell has a new police hiring and retention plan.

Movies in the park: Movies at Cal Anderson Park have returned.

Mobility planning: Charlotte has a new mobility plan to reduce car use.

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