Construction along Alaskan Way in Seattle. (Credit: Stephen Fesler)

Regulate cars: New York may regulate vehicle speed and size in a big way. A federal legislator also wants to tackle car safety.

Foot traffic: Portland is seeing a rebound in foot traffic.

Boosting service: Spokane Transit Authority has boosted service.

Idahome: Idaho’s growth is changing demographics quickly.

Ferry rides: BC Ferries traffic is booming.

Regulate GHG: The federal government can now force state and local governments to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.

Car-lite: Getting Americans out of cars could fix climate and inflation.

Rent control: Two Los Angeles area cities have enacted rent control laws. A Connecticut legislator is pushing for statewide rent control.

Pedestrianized superblocks: Superilles for Los Angeles?

Controlled: More controlled intersections come to Capitol Hill.

Green Lake: What’s the latest for the Green Lake Outer Loop project?

BRT creep: BRT creep hits Atlanta.

Parking mandates: Cincinnati drops parking mandates for part of the city.

TOD Communities: Transit-oriented communities law has been finalized for the Boston area.

Eastlake: Councilmember Alex Pedersen discusses the Eastlake Avenue bike lanes in a letter.

Downtown: How does Downtown Seattle stack up with other cities ($)?

Drive ridership: NACTO has recommendations to drive transit ridership growth.

Appeals: California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) appeals are holding up a lot of housing in California.

Tree regs: Seattle can move forward with additional tree protection regulations.

Overnight trains: What if LA and San Fran had an overnight train?

Limiting speed: New York City is testing speed-limiting technology on city vehicles.

Bike boom: Citi Bike ridership is booming in New York City.

What about e-bikes?: Portland’s EV charging legislation could leave e-bikes out.

RAISE: What complete streets projects will federal RAISE grants fund?

Occupied: A Seattle program to fill vacant commercial spaces gets an expansion.

Accessible density bonus: Density bonuses in New York City could deliver more accessible subway stations.

No new roads: Denver is set to drop highway expansions.

Office conversion: An office tower in San Antonio is becoming housing.

Route rules: Portland’s mayor has banned encampments on safe routes to school.

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