The Rufous hummingbird. (Mick Thompson via Flickr)

In this week’s episode, co-hosts Natalie Argerious and Ray Dubicki are joined by conservation educators Hanae Bettencourt, Josh Morris, and Kate Lanier from Seattle Audubon. We get to talk about birds! The good news: it’s fun to get into birding and Seattle’s a great place to do it. Unfortunately, there is some bad news too. The region’s birds face a number of threats, including window strikes and our resident “adorable murder machines” — cats.

Come to find out, due to its location between mountains and water, Seattle is home to a wonderful array of bird species. From the to the super smart crows of Bothell to the migrating Rufous hummingbird, the region does well for spotting all sorts of interesting species. And getting into the habit is easy, regardless of the stereotypes that hang on bird watching. Here’s a link to the Merlin bird identifying app we talk about in the show. But really, the only thing it takes to watch birds is getting outside and giving them a little attention. Which is good for us too.

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