Incumbent candidate Kelli Curtis sitting on a wall with Lake Washington in the background.
Kelli Curtis is running for re-election to the Kirkland City Council (Kelli Curtis for Kirkland Council)

We feel so blessed to call Kirkland home. Around the world, the country, and even in our state, we see communities struggle with intractable problems. Not just political division but lack of safe water, quality education, good jobs and safe streets.

Our community is strong, and Kelli Curtis should be re-elected to Kirkland City Council to continue working on the challenges that face us.

What do we ask of our elected representatives? We ask that they not just listen but truly hear us and seek to understand our unique place in this world — where we come from, the challenges our families face, what matters to us.

We ask that they apply their own life experiences, as well as their passion and compassion to the work of public policy. We hope that they have our children in their hearts as they make decisions.

And we expect them to make decisions. Being elected means you’ve been trusted to decide, to take a tough vote – not stand on the sidelines. Not avoid controversy to ensure re-election. Elected officials work for us all, whether we voted for them or not. They are accountable, and they are required to act.

Our very special city is built on a legacy of bold decisions. Our lakefront parks exist because bold leaders saved them as greenspaces for all. Our community hospital and Performance Center exist because leaders took action. Our transformation of Totem Lake and Park Place secured the city’s financial security and its solid footing for the future with a AAA credit rating. Our affordable housing policy is held up as a model for other cities to emulate. We declared ourselves to be a welcoming and inclusive community and backed that up with actions.

Making decisions and effecting change elicit strong responses. We are stewards of what was built by the community that came before us, and we are called upon to do more.

Kelli Curtis has proven to be the leader we want. The leader we need. A person who listens with her heart. Who applies her life experience and careful consideration to policy. And then makes decisions. She is courageous in her actions. She does the right thing even if it is hard.

We are proudly supporting Kelli Curtis to represent us on our City Council. Please join us in voting for Kelli, and letting her know that she has our confidence and trust. The Kirkland we have inherited deserves a compassionate leader with integrity. And that is Kelli Curtis.

Article Author
Portrait photo of Amy Walen, smiling, with arms crossed in front of her, black sweater and shoulder length dark hair.
Amy Walen (Guest Contributor)

Amy Walen represents the 48th Legislative District in the Washington State House. Originally from Oregon, Amy graduated from University in Australia and University of Queensland Law School, and practiced law there until permanently returning to Oregon in 1994. She then went to work in auto dealerships where she met her husband Jim. They moved to Kirkland to acquire an interest in Ford of Kirkland, and they have operated it since 2005. Amy was elected to the Kirkland City Council in 2009, and was selected by her colleagues on the Council to serve as Mayor in 2014. She was first elected to state legislature in 2018.

Article Author
Joan McBride (Guest Contributor)

Joan McBride is a former Mayor of the city of Kirkland and a former Washington State Representative representing the 48th Legislative District. She is a 60-year resident of Kirkland.