In December 2023, Liveable Kirkland organized an event called History of Exclusion: Kirkland Edition. In this video, keynote speaker Dr. Lorraine McConaghy, an award-winning public historian, shares transportation and housing case studies from the employment boom and bust at the Lake Washington Shipyards — 1939 to 1959 — through a lens of racial equity. Additional speakers from Liveable Kirkland, Futurewise, and the City of Kirkland connect the past to the present by providing opportunities to engage in the 2044 Comprehensive Plan and state legislation and offering tips for feedback.

Liveable Kirkland’s vision is to create homes for everyone while improving sustainability and quality of life. The key to achieving this vision is focusing growth into people-oriented, complete communities, where people can meet their routine needs without needing to drive, all connected with efficient transportation.

Article Author
Jennie Jaeger (Guest Contributor)

Jennie Jaeger is a Kirkland resident. A few of the hats she has worn include: writer, editor, project manager, amateur naturalist, and parent of two teens. She’s passionate about removing barriers to addressing the housing crisis; in 2022, she co-led grassroots community support for successful state legislation to end "Community Municipal Corporations" (the Houghton and East Bellevue community councils).

Article Author
Beverly Marcus (Guest Contributor)

Beverly Marcus moved from Seattle to downtown Kirkland about five years ago. She co-led the grassroots effort that helped to successfully sunset the inequitable Houghton and East Bellevue community councils via state legislation in 2022. She is a fan of walkable neighborhoods with close access to day-to-day necessities, more housing choices throughout the city, mixed-use development, and a wider variety of transit options.