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Vox looks at the story of the Craftsman home and how it became a staple across America in the 20th Century.
A black and white photo with overlaid sketch of some trees and a walking path.
A short walk through the long history of discriminatory housing ads It’s interesting to sift through historic print newspaper advertisements and get a glimpse of the city’s history. It’s not always a good history. Questionable phrases pop up associated with names you recognize. Half acre lots in Innis Arden for... Climate Town charts the history of how the car industry rapidly reset what the American Dream would be. The oppressive takeover has wrought a highly car-oriented society that is unhealthy, inequitable, and unsustainable. But how America has gotten here took many calculated steps, which Climate Town dives into with... Dave Amos discusses small towns in America and the surprising way many are disappearing.
A photo of an illuminated escalator leading down to a light rail platform.
The history of Link light rail was writ large on the Northgate Link's opening day. The entry point for my first ride to Northgate Station on Link light rail was Capitol Hill. It was early in the morning on the opening day, although so not as early as I had... In the 1960s, Amsterdam briefly was sold on a highway urban renewal project designed by an American planner David Jokinen. It would have destroyed the Amsterdam known today and it parts of it did get implemented as the country became more car-oriented, but it was halted and things have... Dave Amos explores the history and life of downtown malls in North America. He points out their pitfalls and what alternatives may be better for urban communities. Vox digs deep into why American housing is so expensive, which runs the gamut from exclusionary zoning practices to a history of redlining.