Bellevue Should Save Coal Creek from Sprawl Development

Embedded in Bellevue's Coal Creek wilderness area are a handful of parcels that have been developed or zoned for single-family homes. In 2016 and...

Tacoma Chinese Reconciliation Park Grapples with History of Expulsion

In the shadow of Asian Americans and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month and the midst of a dramatic rise in anti-Asian violence, I stumbled...

Sunday Video: How Radical Gardeners Took Back New York City

https://youtu.be/_g2CaF12xxw Vox tells the story of how two women led movements to plant street trees and commission community gardens in New York City in a...

Sunday Video: The Dark Legacy of This Iconic Baseball Stadium

https://youtu.be/DxJuuWUzQzI In Los Angeles, the history behind Dodger Stadium is marred by forced displacement of Latinos in several neighborhoods. The initial displacement was for government-funded...

Sunday Video: Tokyo Has Built The World’s Best Subway

https://youtu.be/FFpG3yf3Rxk The B1M says that Tokyo has the world’s best subway system. In this video, they explain why.

Sunday Video: The Surprising Reason Behind Chinatown’s Aesthetic

https://youtu.be/EiX3hTPGoCg Vox focuses in on why San Francisco’s Chinatown has its architectural characteristics. The history behind it has a lot to do with racism and...

Sunday Video: Skid Row, Explained

https://youtu.be/rKo8Sv99MkM Los Angeles’ Skid Row was not an inevitability, it was a policy. Johnny Harris explains how this district of tragic poverty came to be....

Midweek Video: Why Is South Africa Still So Segregated?

https://youtu.be/NVH7JewfgJg The terrible legacy of colonialism and apartheid have left deep marks in South Africa that are still visible today. Vox explores the history of...