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Sunday Video: Kirkland’s History of Exclusion and Opportunities to Change That

Historian Lorraine McConaghy rehashes the arc of Kirkland's history from blue collar boomtown with an industrial waterfront to bust town to its high tech resurgence, all while using a lens of racial equity and housing exclusion.

Sunday Video: Could Toronto’s Kensington Market Be A Solution to Gentrification?

Uytae Lee of About Here highlights Kensington Market, a very diverse district in Toronto steeped in history. It’s increasingly become a popular area of...

The Urbanist’s Corrections and Regrets of 2023

Journalistic integrity demands we review the tapes for the last year, and own up to our failings. Here are the corrections and regrets for 2023.

Sunday Video: Freiburg Is A Lesson In City Building

Freiburg im Breisgau is famous in planning spheres for its high rates of biking, walkable suburbs, and green ways of building. Mike Eliason has...

Sunday Video: Seattle’s Urban Drinking Water is Sacred

Do you know where Seattle, or your town, gets drinking water? Is it reliable and safe? Will we have enough water in the Puget Sound...

The Paramount’s Apartments: 1bd/1ba, Showstopping Location

One would be excused for missing the door to 911 Pine Street. It is a classic alcove doorway, deserving of little attention even if...
Aerial of the Central Puget Sound with its many highways and single family homes

PSRC Report Connects Single Family Zoning and Highways with Structural Racism

On July 6, the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) launched their Legacy of Structural Racism Interactive Report. While this report is far from the...
Existing housing separated by a sidewalk from a large construction site with crane.

Black History and Ambition Meet at an Expanding Bryant Manor

FAME Housing is building an affordable housing development like no other in Seattle's Central District For over 50 years, Bryant Manor has provided affordable...