Tuesday, 26 January, 2021
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Christopher Randels

Chris is a UW Environmental Sciences graduate who moved to Bellevue in 2015. When he's not busy being an urbanist fox on the internet, he's working on the Eastside to support efforts reducing greenhouse gas emissions and going to city council meetings to denounce the hegemony of automobile infrastructure. Follow him on Twitter at @Deutski1.
At 5:20pm Monday, Bellevue Police received a call about a pedestrian-driver collision near Crossroads Park. A 92-year-old gentleman was walking along NE 8th St and only a block away from his home when a driver struck him in the roadway, killing him. https://twitter.com/BvuePD/status/1333614818096398336 This tragedy marks the fourth death on...
108th Avenue protected bike lane in Bellevue. (Photo by Chris Randels)
Although Seattle, the economic and cultural hub of our region, rightfully receives ample scrutiny for its commitment to a greener, more equitable mobility system, it is important not to forget the similar responsibilities borne by our region’s other cities. In my previous article, I provided a vision for what...
Safe biking infrastructure still has a long way to go in Bellevue--but building it is worth it. (Photo by Chris Randels)
Urbanists looked at Paris with envy when the city’s mayor, Anne Hidalgo, in her bid for reelection, advanced her vision for the French capital to become a “15-minute city." Under this framework, new developments would be planned and infrastructure would be retooled so that all the necessities of day-to-day...