Tuesday, 19 January, 2021
University of Washington: A Resilient Future Starts Here. Online Master of Infrastucture Management and Planning. Apply Now. With a picture of wind turbines.
https://youtu.be/KOAOVbyfjA0 How did America’s civilian police forces go from just uniforms and basic equipment to militarized forces mirroring the national military? Vox takes a look at the rapidly changing face of American police forces over the past few decades.
https://youtu.be/VJ86D_DtyWg The story of Dr. John Snow and the London Cholera 1854 Outbreak transformed epidemiology and our use of maps to track deadly outbreaks of disease.
How did we get here? Over this series of articles, I am laying out an argument that Seattle should mix industrial uses in our residential and commercial neighborhoods. A long history of exclusion keeps interesting and useful things out of...
https://youtu.be/CFgqNiFi0cw How did we end up with the rules of the road?
https://youtu.be/HdsWYOZ8iqM Central Park is world renowned and beloved by many, but it has a shrouded history marked by elitism and racism. In this video, Vox uncovers a small piece of the pre-park history in Seneca Village.
https://youtu.be/UGqWRyBCHhw The history of assimilation in America of native people is terrible and indefensible. This Vox video explains how this process was adapted over time to dominate and steal native people and their lands.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoEZvSl5Cg8 Johnny Harris of Vox explains why Amsterdam has canals and how the Dutch have fought the ocean for land.
https://youtu.be/ngdNGX_23Gs How did get Tokyo become one of the world's most populous urban area? Dave Amos explains how it became so urbanized.