High Speed Rail

Virgin Trains East Coast Azuma Class 800 at Hampstead Heath station in London. (Wikipedia / Spsmiler)

State Senate Moves to Launch High-Speed Rail Authority as House Penny Pinches

On Thursday, the Washington State Senate Transportation Committee passed its version (Senate Bill 5214) of a two-year statewide transportation funding appropriations bill. The bill...
A CR400AF high-speed rail train in China. (Wikipedia / N509FZ)

Washington House Democrats Propose Funding To Study High-Speed Rail, Other Critical Transportation Issues

In the latest transportation budget proposal, Washington House Democrats have kept some funding to lay the groundwork for an interstate high-speed rail corridor authority....
The Tōkaidō Shinkansen high-speed line in Japan, with Mount Fuji in the background. The Tokaido Shinkansen was the world's first high-speed rail line. (Wikipedia / tansaisuketti)

Inslee Administration Pushes High-Speed Rail Forward

State legislators received a briefing this week on the Washington-led effort to study and plan high-speed rail in the Cascadia Megregion, stretching from Vancouver,...

Cascadia Interstate High-Speed Rail Authority Chugging Toward Legislative Approval

On Tuesday, Democrats in the Washington State Legislature introduced Governor Jay Inslee's (D-Washington) legislation for new transportation funding that would support creation of an...

Wonkabout Washington: Pierce County Doubles Protected Farmland, Next Steps on Sound Transit’s Paid Parking

Submit your nominations for the Futurewise Livable Community Awards! Each year, Futurewise honors community leaders in five categories (Local Government Excellence, Equity and Environment, Protecting...

Urban Clustering: A Case for Cascadia High-Speed Rail

The Cascadia high-speed rail cost estimate in the preliminary study caused fiscal conservatives to clinch their cheeks together. Nonetheless, plenty of reasons exist to...

British Columbia Goes All In on Rapid Transit, Funds High-Speed Rail Study

On Friday, the British Columbian governments declared support for studying high-speed rail from Vancouver to Portland and building out key transit and transportation projects...

Call to Action: Urge State Senators to Fund High Speed Rail Study

Last week, the Washington State House came through with $900,000 to partially fund a business case study of high-speed rail connecting Vancouver, Seattle, and...