Fearing change: Tacoma residents are concerned about the scale of development in the Proctor District and aren’t so keen on more housing options in single-family areas.

Seawall problems: The Seattle seawall project is over budget and delayed.

Skyhigh pool: London may just get a pool in the clouds.

Well parked: The history of the Olmsted Brothers and their greening of Seattle.

Powered by oil: Total vehicle miles traveled is back at 2007 numbers, but per capita driving is still down.

Car sewering: New York Mayor Bill de Blasio mulls over the re-carification of Broadway because costumed minions or something.

Going Euro: WSDOT is testing out zigzags marking to see if they improve safety near pedestrian crossings.

15 Now: Seatac Airport is now subject to the City of Seatac’s $15 per hour minimum wage after a landmark decision by the Washington State Supreme Court.

Pavement to parks: Mexico City is transforming a busy street to a magnificent public park.

Keep moving: A legal challenge to the Move Seattle levy fails in court.

Safer streets: Four videos showing how safety redesigns of streets work.

Equitable partnership: Pronto gains a partner in providing low-income memberships.

Timber!: The Province of Québec approves a new building code allowing the construction of 12-story structures using cross-laminated timber.

Keep it simple: Complex traffic lights make cities less safe.

Streets for all: Portland rolls out new bike lanes that work with pedestrians and trains.

Parking reform: The Capitol Hill EcoDistrict is looking at options for future parking reform.

Taking a count: Seattle is taking a comprehensive inventory of trail conditions to determine where upgrades may be needed.

Got segregation?: The “architecture” of segregation is deeply layered.

One mile: See one square mile of earth in a series of photos.

Forever young: Why Millennial aren’t forming new households.

Unequal poverty: How black poverty differs from white poverty.

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  1. *Sigh* Originally, the seawall replacement was going to be combined with the “shallow tunnel”, providing a better seawall than the current design as well as a better tunnel than Bertha’s tunnel.

    The backroom deal at the legislature was a disaster.

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