Portland is awash in more than just craft beer. It’s a mecca of Pacific Northwest urbanism. The look and feel of Portland is very noticeably different from its sister city Seattle. Many residential neighborhoods have a greater mixing of housing types. Neighborhood business districts are much more plentiful. The scale of buildings and blocks ebbs and flows in places like the Pearl District. The character of neighborhoods seems much more cohesive, which is reflected even in newer developments. And everyday urbanism like playful green streets, sidewalk cafes, farmers markets, and street vendors just don’t seem forced.

Taking over the @urbanistorg Twitter handle for the weekend, I tweeted out a bunch of observations on Portland’s local urbanism. Instead of spilling too much ink, here’s just a few snapshots from the streets of Portland:

So what do you think of Portland’s local urbanism?

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  1. As someone who grew up down there, I think you captured some good Portland highlights, sort of like a Portlander capturing glimpses of Seattle by walking Fremont, Capitol Hill, and Chinatown. Nice snapshots, but don’t they overlook the dull and boring parts to both cities.

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